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Match Reports 5 Nov 2022

Wakefield 1 4-0 Fylde 1

Vitality Women's Conference North Fylde Ladies’ 1s travelled over to Wakefield for the clash of the top two teams, with a reduced squad due to player unavailability. The match had a 3pm start which meant a late return home for all involved. From the off it was clearly going to be a tough match, but Fylde had an early chance which was unfortunately not taken. Wakefield then began to dominate and took the lead with a quick-fire shot slotting in at the near post. Their second goal was a powerful run from the influential Wakefield captain culminating in an excellent shot. The 3rd quarter saw a change of fortune for Fylde as they competed more intensely, led by the sterling efforts of Dani Merrick in left midfield. However, Wakefield rallied, and two more goals were added. Wakefield were a strong team but the general consensus of Fylde was that 4-0 was not a fair reflection of the game. Fylde travel to Timperley next weekend for another late start but hope to get back to winning ways. Congratulations to Dani Merrick for her player of the match performance.

Lancaster University 1 0-1 Fylde 2

North West Women's Division 1 Fylde started pretty even with Lancaster both teams having few chances in the first half. EJ Dunkerley was at the back feeding through amazing balls down the line which was safely dribbled by Valerie Versterre and Emma Savidge. A few one-two’s were made, finally making it in the D for Katie Forde to receive and Emma D having shot at goal which was unfortunately saved by their keeper. Fylde have a quick set up with Chelsea Atkinson and Olivia John-Haslam quickly setting up and putting pressure on the ball. Lancaster tried to go through the middle but it was stopped by Jayne Wilson who passed it wide to Sally Livesey who ran through players and got it up the pitch. Unfortunately they managed to get down to Fylde's end but Katie Barker as goalkeeper did an amazing save. EJ, Emily Marsh and Abbi Johnson kept on transferring around the back waiting for spaces to open which then made chances to get up the pitch. Half time went and everyone was back at it. After a long battle in the monsoon conditions Lisa Perry managed to transfer the ball from the back which managed to get up by the movement of Sally Livesey and Jayne Wilson in the middle which ended up resulting in a short corner. Olivia John-Haslam delivered the ball strong and accurate to EJ Dunkerley who took a strike, with attackers ready to pounce, the ball went straight to the right corner and a goal was scored! Lancaster gave Fylde a run for their money as they continued to attack strong. However Fylde's defence was unbeatable and managed to maintain possession outside the D. The ball was being played end to end but overall Fylde managed to steal the win. Very well played to all the girls.

Fylde 3 10-0 Kirkby Stephen 2

North West Women's Division 2 North Fylde 3’s played astonishingly on Saturday at home, their best match of the season so far.

With a confident and quick start Frankie Margerison scored the opening goal, of what would be many more to come, in just the 3rd minute of the match. After this, Lali Atherton scored Fylde’s second goal through the keeper's legs. At this point, it was clear Fylde were dominating the match. They started off strong, powerful and full of energy - there was no sign of slowing down. Following this, another 2 impressive goals were scored - by Grace Tomlinson and Frankie Margerison- through efficient switches around the back, seemingly the only action the defence would get all game.

The team were 5:0 ahead, therefore decided this was their time to shine. They showed off their 3D skills, took risks and chances, in order to work the ball around their defensive line. Eventually this resulted in a beautiful run down the right side of the pitch, followed by a cross from the baseline to Grace Tomlinson, who hit the ball to the corner of the goal where it was deflected by Amy Carter, a spectacular goal. As a predominantly young team, they had a great opportunity to allow players to try out new positions including Popper Chester, who usually plays defensively was able to play as a forward. For the 6th goal of the match, Lali Atherton scored after a perfectly timed assist from Ariana Milligan. Finally in the last goal of the first half, Amy Carter had a great strike, which rebounded of Victoria Latham leaving the score at 7:0 after only 35 minutes. Many of these plays by Amy Carter, resulting in her receiving Player of the Match Title. In the second half the opposition still seemed determined not to give up, fighting for goals, however at any chance they were given, Fylde's defence and midfield showed their strength and provided rapid counterattacks which led to Amy Carter and Frankie Margerison scoring another goal each in the 12th and 14th minute - of the second half.

In the final 15 minutes of the match 5 short corners were given away by the opposition, the first of which gave Natalie Smith the perfect opportunity for a goal, bringing the final score to 10:0. The team's most well-worked and successful game so far.

Fylde 4 2-0 Pendle Forest 3

North West Women's Division 3 North (Central) Fylde 4s were facing an experienced Pendle Forest 3s side at home. The pouring rain and Georgia’s fake tan running didn’t stop the 4s enthusiasm, a strong side went out feeling good. The new team Motto ‘Let’s smash it! motivating everyone. Fylde started strong advancing towards the goal and making some great tackles. A fantastic pass from defender Jess Egan reaching forward Fiona Quarmby who crossed it from the right to forward Hannah Doyle converting to the first goal for Fylde within 10 minutes!

Fylde played excellently making lots of breaks forward finally getting a short corner. Injection from Georgia Nicholls to Jess Egan at the top of the D striking and finding the back of the goal making it 2-0 to Fylde.

The second half came and Fylde continued their strong play having a lot of possession. An awkward landing of the opposition keeper brought the game to an early end 2 mins from time. Despite the Fylde attacks no goals were scored leaving the final result 2-0 to Fylde 4s!

The match saw Fylde win their first match of the season showing the team are starting to gel as a team. Shout out to cheerleader Zoe who had a sick note so supported from the side lines. Player of the match: Sophia Murray

Lancaster 3 0-6 Fylde 5

North West Women's Division 4 North (Central) The Ladies 5 XI faced Lancaster 3 XI on Saturday, Abi Johnson stepped up from her normal position as a defender for ladies 2 Xl and played in goal, wearing the spare goalie kit and squeezing her head into the junior helmet like a true hero. Despite the heavy rain, Fylde started off the match with high energy and fire in their bellies. Fylde attacked strongly, with a short corner being called in the first 7 minutes. Play remained in Fylde's half, with some skilful passes between Soraya Rigby and Jessica Jennings and some excellent interceptions by Summer Holroyd. Lancaster were unable to break down Fylde's strong defence with Tiana Moseley quickly gaining possession when the ball rarely made it through to Lancaster's attacking half. Lancaster tried but were unable to catch Lola Hutton as she skilfully dribbled down the right wing at speed, passing the ball to Melissa Johnson Parker who fed it through to Soraya Rigby. A great pass from Soraya to Liz Johnson saw Liz take a shot at goal, narrowly missing. Fylde attackers relentlessly worked together with some excellent communication to keep the ball in their half, with some accurate and quick passes between Summer Holroyd, Lola Huyton, Melissa Johnson Parker and Kelly Wiseman, they fed the ball again though to Liz Johnson for another shot on goal. A feisty tussle for the ball on the line from Lancaster led to a penalty flick; Kayt Coathup stepped forward with confidence and as Fylde looked on in awe, Kayt effortlessly flicked the ball to the left of the goalie to score Fylde's first goal. Lancaster gained possession, but Dawn Perruzza defended brilliantly, acting quickly and clearing the ball back down the line to Jessica. A long corner for Fylde led to another shot on goal. Lancaster attacked on the rebound, finally making it through to their half, with Abigail Johnson finally seeing some action in goal saving their first 2 shots. Another brilliant run from Lola down the right, saw Melissa receive a fast pass, which was sent on to Soraya, who had another shot on goal. Desperate for another goal, Fylde applied more pressure, which led to 2 short corners in quick succession. These were expertly injected in by Summer, the 2nd was received and fired into the goal by Liz Johnson. Just before the half time whistle, yet again Fylde succeeded in feeding the ball through to the D. Kelly Wiseman received a great pass and scored Fylde's third goal. Eager to maintain this momentum, Fylde went into the second half focusing on communication and setting a strong press. Lancaster repeatedly failed to penetrate this strong press and line of defence that formed, with Melissa intercepting their free passes down the line several times. More strong attacking play led to shots on goal from Kayt and Debbie, who very narrowly missed scoring from a deflection. More excellent defensive play from Abbie Southern who moved up the pitch and made some impressive interceptions, shutting Lancaster down again. Yet another short corner saw Liz Johnson scoring the 4th goal for Fylde. Spirits were high as Lancaster continued to fight for the ball, but were unable to keep possession for long. Clare Bennett and Tiana Moseley defended well, clearing the ball back to Fylde. Liz passed the ball to Jessica who set Kayt Caothup up for her second and Fylde's 5th goal! Summer defended another attempt from Lancaster to fight back, passing the ball to Melissa, who sent it on to Lola. Debbie McClelland was in an excellent position on the left post and deflected a pass from Lola into the back of the net. Fylde stretched their lead to 6-0. As the sun shone through the clouds Lancaster did not give up, and broke through for another shot on goal, saved again by Abigail. More Fylde possession and strong team play led to more shots on goal. As the final whistle blew, the heavens opened. Fylde 5 XI came together as a team on Saturday to succeed with a strong victory. Win as a team lose as a team. Final score Lancaster 3 0-6 Fylde 5.

Fylde 1 2-2 Kirkby Lonsdale 1

North West Men's Division 3 North After a two week break, Fylde 1st team entertained Kirkby Londsdale 1s, although in total honesty there was very little entertainment being served up, from either team. A first half of very little quality where the highlights consisted of Connor McClellend making his long-awaited 1st team debut and captain Jay Curry removing himself from penalty flick duties, after missing his 2nd of the season. Everyone hoped for better in the second half, only to be disappointed. Things got much worse, the visitors took full advantage of Fylde's sloppy defending, twice.

Something finally snapped the home team into action. Winning endless penalty corner, surely something would click, but the routines were left wanting, then with the third injector of the game, connecting with the second stopper, Adam Ball squeezed his drag flick passed defenders and keeper on the line. Renewed hope ran through the players, energy and commitment saw Fylde on the front foot, a further penalty corner, different injector, same stopper and same drag flick saw Ball score his 2nd of the game. Now pushing for the win, but time would run out, if only the latter endeavour was shown much earlier, who knows. 2-2 probably a fair result, but the team's lack of ability to put a consistent side on the pitch, may cost them dearly.

Lancaster & Morecambe 2 5-1 Fylde 2

North West Men's Division 4 North After last week’s full squad, this week saw Fylde Men's 2’s travel to Lancaster with a bare minimum 11 players. This included club legend Chris Hills at over 70 years of age, down to 13-year-old Henry Allison, but as it turned out these two were both contenders for man of the match and combined for Fylde’s only goal. The first half was an even affair, with both sides enjoying possession and creating opportunities. It was the home side who scored first, with some fine ball skills on display from their experienced striker who dribbled on the bye-line and found the goal from a tight angle. Fylde equalised when a ball was crossed from left to right to Henry Allison who beat a defender and passed to Chris Hills in the centre of the D, who was challenged by a defender with the ball looping up, and as it came down Hills blasted off a shot on the half-volley into the goal netting. The end of the first half saw some sustained pressure by Lancaster and a series of short corners. In addition, the heavens opened with a biblical downpour, soaking everyone to the skin, adding to the intensity of the game situation, but Fylde’s defence stood firm with several saves by goalkeeper and captain Craig Nutter keeping the game level at 1-1 going into the half-time break. Fylde knew that they would start to tire in the second half with no substitutes, but so did the opposition, who duly came out and played at pace. Whilst both sides again had numerous attacks at both ends, it was Lancaster who took their chances and took full advantage of Fylde’s tired legs and minds, scoring four goals in the second half. Even when Fylde went behind, they continued to press in search of goals, which then saw them liable to the counterattack and conceding more. Chris Hills continued his strong holding role upfront and linked well with Henry Allison, Angus Chandler and Oli Adewale, who all made runs into the opposition D and created dangers. There were a series of short corners that Fylde won and were unlucky not to score from, either from direct strikes by Hills or from the follow-up around the keeper’s pads with central defender Andy Lund even getting into the action. The final score was a 5-1 loss for Fylde but the score line didn’t reflect the evenness of the game. Henry Allison was awarded man of the match, with many of the opposition players congratulating him for his play afterwards. The communal atmosphere was continued afterwards at the local pub for beers and pizza.


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