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Selection Policy

1 - Overarching statement


1.1 Fylde Hockey Club (FHC) seeks to develop all its players through the provision of competitive match play.


1.2 FHC will conduct selection fairly, equally and with respect.


1.3 Players will only be considered for selection where they are:

  • Registered as a FHC member

  • Of the age required or recommended for the competition entered


  • Not under disciplinary procedures

  • Not in financial arrears to FHC

  • Not over 12 weeks pregnant

  • Not recovering from concussion, or have any other injury or condition preventing the player from playing at their full ability


1.4 For the purpose of this policy FHC defines ‘junior’ as any player under the age of 18; ‘Adult’ as any player over the age of 18.

1.5 FHC seeks to develop all its players through the provision of competitive match play.


1.6 FHC expects and encourages movement between teams and that players identify with FHC rather than individual teams.

2 - Adult Selection


2.1 Squad and Team selection will be conducted by a Selection Panel of the relevant Team Coaches and Club Captains.

2.2 Squad selection is conducted at the beginning of the season, refined throughout the season with a mid-season review being performed.


2.3 Squad Leadership teams and Team Managers are appointed once the squads have been finalised with the expectation that the Captain will remain with the squad throughout, however these roles are not immune to selection and Captains can be reviewed throughout the season.


2.4 Club Captains (Men’s and Ladies) will propose Team Captains to FHC Management Committee who will appoint these positions as Officials of FHC.


2.5 Captains will be expected to lead by example on and off the pitch and uphold FHC’s values.  It is also expected that these players will take a leadership role in relation to junior players and will need to be DBS cleared as standard and be in possession of an EHB Online Safeguarding certificate before appointment.  Failure to achieve DBS clearance will affect selection in this role.


2.6 Team selection is conducted per game based on availability provided for all the adult teams.


2.7 League rules dictating player availability will be adhered to and will at times influence selection in order to avoid fines or non-eligibility of individual players.


3 - Availability


3.1 It should be recognised that ‘Availability’ and ‘Selection’ are not the same thing. Selection procedure can only begin once accurate information regarding player availability is provided. 


3.2 Players should make their availability known at the earliest opportunity using the club’s designated application. It is the players own responsibility (or their parent where u16) that this is completed in advance of the Selection Panel meeting.


3.3 Where availability permits, it is the Club's intention to select a predetermined number of players to each game as follows:

Team: Squad Size

Men's 1XI: 14

Men's 2XI: 14

Ladies 1XI: 15

Ladies 2XI: 14

Ladies 3XI: 13

Ladies 4XI: 13

Ladies 5XI: 13

Ladies 6XI: 13

4 - Selection Procedure

4.1 The purpose of the individual team dictates the selection criteria for that team.  These are indicated in the table below:

Team: Purpose

Men's 1XI: Performance

Men's 2XI: Junior Development/Participation

Ladies 1XI: Performance

Ladies 2XI: Performance

Ladies 3XI: Performance Development

Ladies 4XI: Junior Development

Ladies 5XI: Participation/Development

Ladies 6XI: League Introduction

4.2 Selection for the performance teams (Ladies 1st and 2nd X1and Men’s 1st XI) will be based on players who demonstrate (or are working towards)


  • Displays the values and behaviours of FHC- Teamwork, Respect and Inspire in relation to team mates, opposition, officials and spectators

  • Can consistently demonstrate adaptable technical and tactical skills often in tough conditions and whilst under pressure

  • Players who display a winning attitude, seek to learn, develop others and demonstrate a positive and supportive attitude

  • Players who understand the principles of the game and are able to link these to make the best decisions

  • Are physically robust, fast and display high levels of strength and conditioning

  • Players who can use their skill and understanding to adapt to perform

  • Strong psychological/ social attributes, enjoy their hockey, are emotionally capable, maintain game focus, confidence and show high levels of resilience under pressure


4.3 Selection for the Ladies 3rd X1


4.3.1 The purpose of this team is to provide a competitive environment for adults and juniors aspiring to achieve selection for the Performance squads.  Selection will be influenced by the performance criteria and ensuring a continued learning environment for those junior players graduating from the Junior Development team.    

4.4 Selection for Men’s 2nd XI Ladies 4th XI


4.4.1 The purpose of these teams is to provide a development pathway for young players to nurture and support their development in relation to the technical, tactical, physical and psychological demands of the game.


4.4.2 These teams will be a blend of those junior players that show the potential to develop to the requirements of the performance squads and a small number of adult players.

4.4.3 The Junior Captain will maintain a non-disclosable individual player development pathway record.

4.4.4 Adult selection for these teams will be based on those individuals that both meet the performance requirements and behaviours for the team but also evidence a contribution to a safe and supportive learning environment for young players. 

4.5 Selection for Ladies 5th XI

4.5.1 This team will provide a competitive environment for those experienced players who wish to enjoy their hockey. The squad will also develop confidence and experience of competitive hockey in players as part of their development along the performance pathway in the future.

4.6 Selection for the Ladies 6XI


4.6.1 This team will predominantly be a junior team of players turning 13years old and/or adults to provide an introductory experience to adult hockey.  With the aim of increasing confidence and belief to play with and against adults.  We aim to give players at this level equal pitch time to support their development and the opportunity to play in a variety of different positions.


4.6.2 There will be a maximum squad size of 13 players for this squad to encourage lots of touches of the ball in line with England Hockey’s Golden Thread.

5 - The Selection Panel


5.1 The Selection Panel will include, as a minimum, individual team coaches and Club Captains.  Individual team coaches will have the final say on selection for the squad for which they have responsibility.

5.2 If a member of the selection committee has a conflict of interest they would be expected to defer to the other committee members.


5.3 The Selection Panel will meet at a frequency determined by the relevant Club Captain.


5.4 Any player who has not provided their availability will not be considered by the Selection Panel.  It is neither the Selection Panel’s responsibility nor any captain to chase availability responses.


5.5 The Selection Panel will confirm selection via team managers at least 72hours in advance of any game for the performance squads and 48hours in advance for all other teams.  In the event of player injury or unforeseen non-availability then these will be communicated with players directly and outside of these timescales.


5.6 Team Managers


5.6.1 Team Managers (when appointed) will convey the decisions of the Selection Panel with individual players.  In the event of team movement upwards, the manager from the higher team will inform them of the decision.

5.6.2 Where a player is de-selected the player must be informed of the decision and reasons why. Ideally this should be done in person and must happen before the team is confirmed.

5.7 New Players to the Club


5.7.1 New players to the club should start at an appropriate level decided by the Selection Panel and be reviewed until a full assessment of the individual can be made.


6 - Junior Selection


6.1 FHC aims to ensure that our junior members are given every opportunity to reach their full potential whatever level that may be (international, regional, county, social or otherwise).

6.2 FHC acknowledges that juniors develop at different rates and will ensure a continuous assessment of the junior’s technical, tactical, physical and psychological development.

6.3 Selection for teams will only be when the Junior Club Captain or Junior Selection Committee assess that a junior will be able to meet the demands of the league or competition from a physical, mental and playing perspective.

6.4 The Junior Selection Committee will be appointed for EH Competition teams only by the Junior Club Captain and include the senior team coaches. Junior Committee decisions are made on a majority basis with the Junior Club Captain having the final decision.

6.5 FHC will promote and develop leadership skills amongst its juniors.  Captains will be selected based on demonstrating FHC’s values on and off the pitch.

7 - Challenging Decisions


7.1 Selection for the teams is final.  It is important that FHC Members recognise that if they are asked to move up or down a team it is intended to be in the best interests of the Club or the needs of an individual player and should be honoured.  

7.2 Players are encouraged to discuss performance and selection in the first instance with their team coach or captain to identify areas for improvement or raise any concerns.

7.3 If a player feels they have not been treated fairly, equally or with respect by the Selection Panel then they must report this to the Chair of the Management Committee.


Version 2.0 August 2022

1 England Hockey Board (EHB)’s Equality Policy

2 EHB Pregnancy Policy June 2014

3 As defined in EHB Hockey Concussion Policy November 2018 v2

4 TEAMO as of September 2020

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