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Senior Pathway

Junior players become eligible to play in our adult teams at the age of 13, progression into the weekly senior training is offered by invitation - it considers several factors assessed on a player-by-player basis:

  • Stage of player’s development

  • Player’s age

  • Attitude and commitment

  • Current squad numbers

  • Safeguarding needs

  • Ratio of players to coaches

We monitor the transition from junior to adult hockey carefully and review it on a regular basis to ensure that the move is made at the right time for each child.

England Hockey Player Pathway

Our juniors have continued success within the England Hockey Player Pathway. We now how more players than ever attending Development Centre’s. If your child is interested in taking part, please inform the Junior Club Captain. Club and school activity continue throughout the player pathway process.


Development Centre (DC):

Ages 12 – 16, nominated by school or club


Academy Centre (AC):

Ages 12 – 16, nominated by DC coaches


Performance Centre (PC):

Ages 14 – 17, nominated by AC coaches


Futures Cup:

Ages 14 – 17, nominated by PC coaches


National Group Squads (NAGS):

U16, U18 and U21 Players selected from PC and Futures Cup

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