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Clubhouse Entry

Registration for entry is now online for the Clubhouse and Education Centre at Mill Farm.


Please understand the following:

The registration for access to the pitch and the clubhouse/education centre is through the following website.


Once into this site follow the registration process.


This has to be completed by anyone entering the facility including players, officials, coaches, spectators and all opposition players etc. Please make sure if bringing spectators they are registered, and captains that your opposition have registered on arrival to Mill Farm.


Once it is done you will receive an entry number and a QR Code.


You will have access through your phone or the QR code printed off, or through an entry card if none of these are available.


We expect all current Fylde HC members to have signed up to the system as soon as possible and definitely before the start of pre-season in September.

It will be easier if done before you come, but you will be able to do it at the clubhouse.


In the case of a child under 16 each registration must be completed by a parent, with a parent email in the system, as the Centre will not send an email to a child.

This system is totally separate to the membership registration for Fylde HC and must be actioned by each person individually.

We look forward to you all using the new facilities for the coming season.

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