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Awards Night Winners

A wonderful night celebrating the success of the Club for the 23/24 season

Lifetime Membership was awarded to Bernie Loffler our Treasurer & Membership Officer for her long service to the Club and Bill Denison for his extensive support looking after our grounds. Congratulations to them both.

Our Awards 2024


Umpire of the Year Chris Hills

Most improved Umpire Glen Ridsdale

Outstanding Club Contribution Phil Hope

Men Player of the Year Phil Hope

Most Improved Oliver Adewale

Newcomer of Year Charlie Oliver

Top Goalscorer Phil Hope

Ladies Players of the Year 1sts Vicky Rukin, 2nds Lucy Wane, 3rds Sophia Murray

4ths Liz Johnson, 5ths Sophia Gough, 6ths Emily Finney

Most Improved 1sts Katie Barker, 2nds Lucy Wane, 3rds Esther Thomson

4ths Ellie Hope, 5ths Sara Tomlinson, 6ths Julie Knowles

Newcomer of Year Grace McGarvey

Top Goalscorer Camilla Wyles

Juniors Player of Year in an Adult Team Hermione Edwards

Most Versatile Player Rosie Leil

Goalkeeper Philippa Hancock

u8 Player of Year (joint) Jude Robb & Will Waterhouse

u10 " " Boy / Girl Eli O'Donaghue / Winnie van Rijn

u12 " " " " William van Rijn / Sadie Atkinson

u14 " " " " Oliver van Rijn / Camilla Wyles

u16 " " " " Oliver Adewale / Lisa Perry

u18 " " " " Luke Hitchen / Olivia Merrick

A.K.S. Spirit of Hockey Junior Hollie Twose

Senior Vicky Rukin

Check out our photos of the evening across our social pages.


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