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Match Reports 9 & 10 Dec 2023

The return of league hockey after 3 weeks and 2 frozen weekends.

Fylde 2 0-7 Longridge 1

On Saturday Fylde 2s played an experienced Longridge side. Fylde, who started off with 10 players, were all committed to the game. From the first whistle there was non stop running and tracking back to support the team. Despite strong defensive efforts from Kelly Windows, Sally Livesey and Laura Knowles and some fantastic saves from Michelle Longton, we conceded. We started linking passes more between Jade Mottley and Valerie Versterre allowing us to attack the right, with the attack supported by Olivia John-Haslam distributing the ball to our priority areas. We had a few chances but they were narrowly missed.

After a few changes of positions at half time Fylde dominated for the first 10 minutes of the second half. Meeting the ball and passing around the Longridge players and playing as a team. A strong connection on the left between Lucy Wane and Laura Knowles saw us keep position and move the ball across the pitch to Jade Mottley who played a fantastic ball across into the circle, putting pressure on the opposition. It was clear that by the end of the second half legs were getting tired, however effort levels remained high and we battled to the end.

It was an unfortunate result despite the harsh weather conditions and circumstances. Very proud of how everyone continued till the very end of the game and didn’t give up.

Ulverston 1 2-1 Fylde 3

The Ladies 3s headed up to Ulverston on a very wet Saturday morning. The forecast didn’t look good and when the home team unveiled giant squeegees to try and combat the standing water on the pitch, we wondered if we were victims of a friendly prank. We were not, it was true!

With a mixture of players including call ups from other teams, Fylde set out to try and keep their structure, passing well and trying to keep the distribution wide. Ulverston were ready to be physically dominant and marked very closely. An interesting decision by the umpire lead to a short corner being awarded to Ulverston, who managed to find the backboard despite best efforts of the defence. Freya Davis-Nunnick fought valiantly in goal once again and saved Fylde from a number of opportunities offered by Ulverston who were very determined to attack strongly, aiming a lifted ball directly at a surprised Heather Appleyard! At one point Ulverston attacked the goal so aggressively, Freya found herself on the floor with an unmoving opposition player on her arm. Luckily she was ok and we sighed a breath of relief.

Ester Thomson, Sophia Murray and Abbie Warburton worked well in the midfield to bring the ball to Ulverston’s half to give Charlotte Lavin and Rosie Leil some good chances in the circle which were unfortunately blocked by a determined Ulverston. Fylde continued to press through the rain which had eased off which resulted in a lovely dribble and successful shot by Sophia Murray to even the scoreline. Unfortunately Katie Leil gave everything she could but illness forced her to the sub bench. It was now that Fylde drew their secret weapon and we welcomed Jan Metcalf to the game to bolster the defence.

Half time gave the opportunity to reflect and the second half brought more promising play from Fylde including a couple of short corners. Sadly, none were converted but Fylde didn’t give up. Beth Baines performed well on her debut and Lauren Appleyard rattled Ulverston on the left side of the pitch. With minutes to go, Ulverston managed to scramble the ball over the line leaving the final score as 2-1. Whilst disappointing to end with a loss, it was a good performance considering the mix of players and a 70 minute game for nearly everyone.

Lancaster 3 0-2 Fylde 4

An afternoon game just about allowed Fylde 4s to field a team for an away game Vs Lancaster 3s. Grim weather conditions throughout the whole game didn't make the game very enjoyable but the girls battled on.

We saw a goal from Hermione Edwards who showed no mercy on the goalkeeper and another memorable goal from Hollie Twose scoring her first goal for the 4s! The game ended 6 WHOLE minutes early as no one had put 10p in the meter for the flood lights to last until the end of the game.

Final score 2-0 win to Fylde 4s. It was a pleasure to see ladies from higher and lower teams working together to secure the win. Special mentions need to go to super sub Fran at half time and the parents on the side line who helped with the players' well being.

Clitheroe Blackburn Northern 3 2-1 Fylde 5

The day started badly with torrential rain all morning and Captain Debbie pulling out through illness. The day became brighter as we visited a splendid new venue, Blackburn Central HS, except for the numerous steps built into the hillside to access the fine pitch! Twins Megan & Olivia Hartley-Smith were nominated joint Captains for the day and Bella Coupe-Carrol and Isla Carter made their debuts for the Ladies 5th Team.

The team played well in a rainless first half and several goal opportunities came and went at both ends. In the second half Sophia Melling made a dazzling run through several players to place the ball defiantly into the opposition goal - 1-0!! This was new territory for the Ladies 5’s who have been on the wrong end of too many results this season!

Unfortunately the opposition fought back and, through a fortuitous penalty corner decision, scored a blinder in off the post! Every credit for that shot!

The game was fading under a heavy mist of more steady rain when an unfortunate injury turned the game. Twin Captain Megan took the full force of a ball to her knee with only a few minutes remaining. Dispatched to the side line, the defence reorganised, but a moment of uncertainty and a bobbly/deflected ball, resulted in a lucky winner for the opposition.

The team trudged back up those numerous steps, drenched to the bone but heads held high! They had given 100% and had deserved a draw but hot drinks and baths were calling…..

Brookfield 1 4-1 Fylde Men

Fylde Men travelled to Brookfield 4 weeks after their last visit, but this time to play their 1st team rather than their development team. Surprisingly the home team were short of numbers, so Fylde lent them Martin Stringfellow and also gave up Glenn Ridsdale to umpire.

Brookfield scored first through their skilful youngster, before Fylde equalised from Phil Hope for a 1-1 half-time scoreline. Brookfield started to assert themselves in the second half and scored three more goals.

Fylde Mixed 0-16 Timperley Mixed (Sunday)

Fylde hosted Timperley in the 1st round of the EH Tier 2 Mixed cup competition, having both lost in round 1 of the Tier 1 competition.

In reality, Timperley were a class apart, perhaps no surprise given both their men & ladies play in the Conference North, never mind their strength in depth being a big club.

The final score was 16-0 to Timperley, but the game was played in a very good spirit, and everyone enjoyed the picnic afterwards.

Fylde enjoy their mixed hockey but are looking for games against teams at a lower level, so may contact local clubs for friendly games now they have been knocked out of the official competitions.


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