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Match Reports 4 Nov 2023

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Leeds 1 5-0 Fylde 1

Saturday saw a tough away fixture for the Ladies 1s, a 5pm push back under the lights in a very wet Leeds. Leeds had only lost one game so far against league leaders Pendle, having being relegated from Division 1 North last season.

Despite Fylde having possession for the first five minutes, Leeds took an early lead through a well worked penalty corner deflection. They quickly went 2-0 up when Fylde failed to clear a loose ball properly in the circle.

There were no goals in the second quarter, Fylde did create some opportunities but unfortunately were not clinical enough around the circle. Leeds looked threatening every time they broke away and some defensive errors meant Leeds went on to score two more in the 3rd quarter.

A Leeds penalty stroke was awarded for a poor challenge in the circle, compounding Fylde's misery and leaving a deflating 5-0 score line. Lots of lessons learnt in what was a bad day at the office for Fylde. We regroup and go again next week at home against a struggling Harrogate side.

Player of the match went to Katie Barker for another excellent performance.

Preston 1 3-2 Fylde 2

Fylde were determined and ready to go “out with a bang” as Lisa said. We really wanted the win today and needed those 3 points.

Fylde started strong from the start and were attacking quickly down the lines but unfortunately had many unsuccessful shots. Preston were transferring play a lot and used this to get higher up the pitch and with a fast counter-attack Preston scored in the first 10 minutes.

Fylde were not backing down, we continued to fight and create chances in the D but we unfortunately didn’t manage to score. Preston kept fighting and were closing us down very quickly, making it difficult for the defence lead by EJ Dunkerley, Sally Livesey and Jayne Wilson to find the high players. Fylde continued to battle with a high press, and the midfielders worked tirelessly to try and win the ball. However Preston were able to find gaps and exploited them with pace. Fylde tracked back but sadly weren’t fast enough which led to Preston getting their first goal. This was unlucky for Fylde however we kept battling as a team and trying to link the passes. The half time whistle was blown and the score was 0-2.

Fylde were ready to go after the half time talk, and weren’t finished yet. We were battling for the ball and running constantly but we didn’t manage to score. Preston kept attacking and taking sidelines quickly which led to their third goal. Fylde had defended multiple short corners successfully and kept fighting.

Fylde were battling to the very end and Lucy Wane and Grace Tomlinson making options and gaps in the middle got us further up the pitch. We were battling on the top of the D and with a pass from Grace to Olivia John-Haslam, Fylde got a goal. We kept going and continued to defend and attack and with a final push and a goal from Amelia Hatton the final whistle was blown.

Unlucky for Fylde we were starting to make a comeback but just ran out of time.

It was an unfortunate outcome, and many were disappointed with the final result, but we go again as a team next week.

Fylde 3 6-5 Chorley Phoenix 1

This Saturday saw Fylde Ladies 3s at home for an afternoon game. The team met in the changing rooms to talk tactics and how we have 3 subs this week and how we will be utilising this to our advantage. Fiona Quarmby stepping up to be team captain for the match due to illness, had a good and positive chat with the girls before push back.

The game commenced and within 3 minutes, Fiona scored an excellent field goal, having made a great run to the right post. Fylde let their guard down as Chorley were quick to equalise making it 1-1 in a matter of 5 minutes. The goals were back and forth with Anna Vavoso and Sophia Murray scoring very convincingly and in close succession. Fylde were awarded a short corner, Kelly Windows stepped up to the top of the D from defence to convert an astonishing goal that got praised from all spectators.

Half time score ended at 4-5. With strong suggestions and words from Adrian Metcalf, the team coach, and Freya Davis-Nunnick, the goal keeper, the ladies started the second half with a good and positive attitude.

With Chorley initially having most of the possession in the second half, it didn’t look likely we could equalise. Until a phenomenal interception from Charlotte Lavin who ran the ball down the right hand side of the pitch, getting into the D and giving the ball an almighty strike to score a goal. The game carried on with both teams fighting for a win, making good tackles and challenges. Fylde had the opportunity to score again, Aimme Perruzza slapped the ball in the goal, only for it to be disallowed confusingly to the team.

In the nail biting final minutes Fylde made a break after a fabulous run made by Anna crossing it to Sophia who managed to score!! The spectators and players went wild. With only a few minutes left, Adrian was shouting to be calm and keep control of the game.

The final whistle went and Fylde ladies went wild with joy and happiness of the win and couldn’t stop smiling as it was such a difficult game.

Player of the Match goes to Lauren Appleyard.

Southport 2 1-0 Fylde 4

Fylde 4s met at a drizzly Southport this week ready for a hard fought game. We knew Southport had some talented strikers and aimed to prepare accordingly. Still finding our feet as a team, Fylde set out to defend the middle and following keeper Fran Loffler-Thompson’s guidance, keep them out of the circle!

The play was fairly even but it was clear Southport were determined to break through to try and bag a goal. As the half continued, the defence cried out for the midfield to come back and help as we were vastly outnumbered. Southport won a short corner and with a sneaky manoeuvre did well to find the backboard.

Undeterred, Fylde pushed back harder, Megan Eccles and Nikki Richmond came together in defence and Fylde started to break down Southport’s midfield. Excellent work by the halves, Lauren Perkin and Melissa Johnson-Parker saw Fylde extend up the pitch more and more. With more possession and hard work from Summer Holroyd, Liddy Eccles and Liz Johnson in the midfield, Lucy Whiteside and Leah Richmond tried to get to goal.

One goal down at half time and ready to get one back, Fylde were fully committed in the second half. Hermione Edwards bolstered the back line with some strong tackles. Lotti Mackay stepped up to a forward position and has seriously made us question whether she should be there permanently with her committed runs and very near miss on a penalty corner! It was clear Fylde had rattled Southport in the second half and as they started to tire, Fylde did not!

Unfortunately the final whistle beat us and we ended at a 1-0 loss. This was an outstanding performance by Fylde 4s, who are growing in confidence and strength every week.

Fylde 5 1-5 Preston 3

Fylde had another challenging game this week against a strong Preston side.

The team played with determination and effort. Whilst the team were determined to attack strong and defend firm, doing both proved difficult.

We were happy to have Beth Baines and Poppy Dodds with us this week on their debut with the club. Poppy created some good opportunities to attack and Beth converted a PC wonderfully with a powerful shot on goal. This made the final score 1-4.

Another defeat but the young squad are learning week on week what it takes. Win as a team lose as a team.

Fylde 6 Development 1-1 Brookfield 2

Fylde Ladies Development Team took the early slot on Saturday and fielded a well mixed team of youngsters and adults. This season’s new intake took over the attacking and midfield positions whilst experienced players defended resolutely. Brookfield 2nd were a team of experienced older players yet our younger squad were their equal.

Following an even first half, Fylde were excited to take the lead through a determined second attempted strike from Leah Richmond, maintaining her position as top ladies’ scorer. Club Captain, Fran, continued her goalkeeper heroics to keep her team in the game as they continued to frustrate their opposition.

Finally, with two minutes remaining, Brookfield scored with a lucky miss-strike and subsequent deflection at a penalty corner. Honours even and a good day enjoyed by all!

Clitheroe Blackburn Northern Devt 3-4 Fylde Men

Saturday's game saw the men’s side up at the crack of dawn to play away at Clitheroe and Blackburn.

Fylde started strongly pressurising Blackburn’s defence with a couple of early shorts, and at one point dribbling through both their centre backs to go 1 on 1 with their keeper, only for the umpire to blow the whistle for a Fylde free hit just outside the D. Blackburn were able to push back and get into Fylde’s half on multiple occasions, keeping our defence on their toes. Phil Hope opened the scoreboard with a great deflection into the top netting, assisted by Luke Hitchen’s hit into the D.

This was unfortunately soon followed by a Blackburn counter attack managing to overload Fylde’s defence to even the score at 1-1. Fylde kept their heads up and kept attacking strongly, with Oli Holmes making runs from centre back as the midfield made constant runs off the ball opening up gaps throughout the pitch. A strike into the D by Luke Hitchen from the 23 allowed Richard Clarke to deflect the ball into the bottom corner of the goal putting Fylde back into the lead.

With just a few minutes left of the first half Fylde had another short, each short had a different routine and different receiver. On this occasion Luke Hitchen received the ball at the top and dribbled past Blackburn’s runners to then flick the ball past the keeper.

Throughout the match both Oliver Adewale and Oliver Van Rijn made fantastic runs on the wings and to get the ball into their 23, keeping Blackburn’s defenders under constant pressure. The second half was a tough fight with energy levels dropping and Blackburn looking more dangerous in attack. With them managing to score a couple of goals.

A through ball from Richard Clarke to Harry Marsh running into the D was followed by a cracking reverse* from top left of circle, which the keeper had no hope of saving.

The final score a 4-3 win to Fylde to continue the unbeaten run so far this season. And a great performance from the whole team.

MotM went to Charlie Oliver for his outstanding performance on his debut, with some great tackles at Right Back and good passing to our midfield to get the ball out of our half.

*as inspired by Glenn Ridsdale's teaching (apparently)


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