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Match Reports 21 Oct 2023

Fylde 1 2-2 Didsbury Northern 1

It was good to get back on the pitch after the frustration of the late goals against Newcastle Uni.

Fylde started cautiously against a solid Didsbury unit and had to be wary of the treat of Kellett as the high forward. But as the first quarter went on Fylde had good counter attacks and interchanges in midfield but couldn’t create the final opportunity to score. Both teams continued to threaten each others defences without reward.

In the third quarter the ball fell for Didsbury twice with them taking a 2-0 lead. But the attitude from the Fylde players was to make the pitch bigger and Jessica Wharton played higher and in the 4th quarter Pru Lindsey was able to win a PC. This was the chance back in and a scrappy corner was smashed in following good advantage for Holly Farquharson to finish.

There was an intent from Fylde who won another corner and Flo Zappulla came up with the goods to level at 2-2. It was a fairer reflection of the chances created and an indicator of what we should be looking to do on a regular basis. POM was Holly Farquharson.

Carlisle 1 5-3 Fylde 2

Fylde started strong with good communication across the pitch transferring the ball effectively. It was a battle between the two teams with good runs by Frankie Margerison and Keira Tomes however unfortunately Carlisle were able to score 2 early goals.

Despite this, Fylde persisted on with good communication from the back from Kelly Windows and motivational words from Lisa Brown on the sideline. Unfortunately, Carlisle managed to get the ball in the back of the net however this did not deter Fylde. With great transferring of the ball and great teamwork Fylde made their way into the attacking half and were awarded a short corner. With a powerful injection Kelly Tomes smashed the ball into the goal to make the score 3-1.

With Grace Tomlinson and Natalie Smith driving the ball up the pitch Fylde started to dominate towards the end of the first half. With defence dominating from the back Fylde managed to work their way up the pitch and with consistent pressure on the ball we took over possession and won a short corner. As a result Olivia John Haslam found the back of the net from a powerful and accurate shot just before the half time whistle.

With great motivational and encouraging words from Lisa Brown at half time, Fylde started the second half dominating the pitch. The ball was predominantly kept in Fylde’s attacking half with all the forwards keeping pressure on the players to win back possession of the ball. Therefore, with great persistence from Keira Tomes on the right hand side she won possession and drove the ball towards the back line and passed it across the keeper for Frankie Margerison to slap it in to make the score 3-3. After a constant battle between the two sides and great teamwork during defending corners , Fylde continued to pose as a threat for the opposition.

However despite great play from Fylde, 2 more goals were conceded in the last 10 minutes. Despite a constant push by Fylde with Emily Greenwood driving down the right and hitting the ball across the goal, Fylde were unable to concede a goal. Despite the unfortunate 5-3 loss, Fylde played extremely well and never gave up.

POM: Frankie Margerison and Keira Tomes

Wigton 1 7-0 Fylde 3

It was a tough weekend for Fylde Ladies 3’s as they struggled to field a strong team on their 4-hour round trip to Wigton. It was the beginning of half term and many regular players were away! In the end they had a straight 11 players with a smattering of lower team players rallying to the cause!

The slow and sandy pitch was surrounded by rugby games and officials’ whistles and occasionally invaded by the odd stray rugby ball! An encouraging pre-game chat set the team up for a structured defensive display, but alas, the good passing game of the Cumbrian side broke through the lines rather more than we had wished!

A half time score of 3-0 seemed reasonable but the 7-0 defeat seemed unjust! GK Freya made some fine saves on her busy afternoon and all the team fought admirably until the end.

We take a break now and return with hope for a better run-in to Christmas.

Fylde Men 5-1 Leyland & Chorley Development

Fylde Men started brightly against the large youthful squad of the Leyland & Chorley Development team, with James Dobson scoring from their first short corner, and later Luke Hitchen putting away a solo effort.

It wasn’t all Fylde attacks with Leyland having plenty of possession, and giving Fylde a brief worry with a goal themselves, however Fylde restored their two goal advantage just before half-time, from another short corner which was slipped to Ollie Holmes to launch into the back of the goal’s netting.

Fylde continued their pressure at the start of the second half, winning another short corner and a practiced move led to another goal from James Dobson. Luke Hitchen also scored his second from open play to make it 5-1.

Leyland never gave up, and they began a spell of their own possession and attacks, winning several short corners, but the Fylde defence were resolute including an important save over the bar from goalkeeper Craig Nutter.

The game ended 5-1 to Fylde with James Dobson voted the Player of the Match.


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