Ladies & Mens Match Reports 6 Nov 2021

Fylde Women (F) 1 - 2 Durham University 2 (F)

Vitality Women's Conference North

Fylde Ladies 1st XI took on Durham University 2s in torrential rain and strong winds.

In the opening moments of the game speed from Taegan O’Hara and the forwards opened up early opportunities for some promising attacks which Fylde were unfortunately unable to find outcomes for. A well worked short corner won by Hannah Cook allowed Lucy Woods to fire the ball the ball into the D getting a deflection off a defender's stick into the goal leaving the score at 1-0 in the first quarter.

In the second quarter Durham found a foot in the D and were able to find an outcome levelling out the score to 1-1. Another goal was scored soon after, due to a quick break from the university side.

With Fylde being left on the back foot the second half was fought well with Durham collapsing the middle and Fylde bouncing the ball in and out of the inside channels. A strong performance from defence and keeper Anya Jackson prevented any more goals being conceded by Fylde in the second half.

The game ended 2-1 to Durham with the player of the match going to captain Victoria Rukin.

Carlisle 1 (F) 4 - 3 Fylde 2 (F)

North West Women's Division 1

On a windy, wet and blustery day, Fylde Ladies 2’s were playing away, Off to Carlisle they went, And a battling challenge they were sent! Some squad changes - thank you to each one, We were still happy to fight and have some fun, We went 4-0 down quite quickly tho, So ultimately our heads went a lil low. We worked hard but couldn’t connect, But we were ready to change it up and take effect, Half time came and a talk was given out, Even the Umpires asked what had Lisa B spoken about?!? We gave Carlisle a scare and a spook, Some may have thought this has to be a fluke! Penalty corner was given and a 1:2 between Natasha and Dawn worked well, We commanded the D and our goal was scored like a wicked spell! We went again and played the ball, A few hooks, a green card and a fall, Off Mia went for using controlled aggression, We thought she was using a little bit of skill and showing expression! A long ball was passed from Georgie into the D, Chelsea reached it, scored and went for three, Great linking play, determination and skill, We gave the spectators and umpires an afternoon of thrill! Katie played well making save after save, Whilst Dawn worked hard after being penalised for trying to shave, We battled and battled right to the end, We must recognise all the efforts and say well done to commend. A third goal came from another short, With an amazing effort from all of us playing our sport, A 1:2 was close in the shooting zone, With Sally doing ace, taking us to 3-4 pushing it over the line alone. Well done to all who worked hard and fantastic effort from Olivia and Beth, In the second half we fought and didn’t give Carlisle a single breath, We go again next week to win the game, I am so proud of how we adapted, built and the team we became.

Fylde 3 (F) 7 - 0 Lytham St Annes 2 (F)

North West Women's Division 2 North

Fylde started off the afternoon hiding in the changing rooms as long as possible while the Ladies 1s played with a busy stand of spectators. They then attempted a quick warm up in the sideways rain while trying to stay as dry as possible.

Fylde kicked off the match strong against the wind and keeping possession with quick passes round the back by Abi, Becky and Molly, pushing the game further and further up the pitch. Balls to the right were charged through the Lytham sideline line by Charlotte who released to Layla who then skilfully dribbled the ball into the D.

Balls to the left were hit brilliantly by Abi to our players in the attacking 23.

The game was quiet on our end drowned out by the wind but Fylde worked well together backing each other up and knowing where to be, from perfecting positioning at training and trusting each other during the game.

Game play in the middle was brilliant due to Toni and Laura giving 110% and never giving up with well timed tackles and skilful stick work. Kiera tired out many of the Lytham players with her pace on and off the ball making Fylde's job much easier.

Katie and Lisa at the top of the pitch always found themselves in the right place resulting in many shots at goal and lots of short corners for Fylde.

With 6 goals and 5-10 minutes to go, Lytham pushed everything they had at Fylde to get a goal. With their two central players breaking through a couple of times but Izzy and Kelly were strong and vocal at the back keeping a clean sheet.

Player of the match - Toni

Fylde 4 (F) 0 - 3 Lancaster Nomads 1 (F)

North West Women's Division 3 North (Central)

Fylde 4 hosted Lancaster Nomads 1 in the Ladies Division 3 North (Central) league at Mill Farm.

A well executed shot on goal put Nomads in front early in the game, shortly followed by a second to take the opposition to 0-2. The youthful Fylde team battled through the rain with good passing across the field. A third goal was conceded before half time. The second half saw the attacking line of Fiona Quarmby, Frankie Margerison and Grace Tomlinson penetrate the opposition’s circle however Fylde could not breakdown the Nomads experienced defence. Lucy Wane played with confidence in her debut for the team as central defender. Final score Fylde 0 - 3 Lancaster Nomads

Brookfield 2 (F) 1 - 2 Fylde 6 (F)

North West Women's Division 5 North (Central)

After a two week break Fylde ladies 6th Team arrived in good spirits to play against Brookfield Ladies 2s, unfortunately, the weather was not its best but this did not dampen their mood.

Brookfield came out fighting and very quickly managed to slip the ball to the back of the Fylde goal, giving them an early lead but Fylde quickly responded with the ball being worked from the back down to the attacking third and Georgia Nicholls managed to bring the score to a tie. The, at times torrential, rain made the going tough, with many a clipped ball due to the wetness of the pitch and the sticks, but the team battled hard to keep Brookfields defence working hard, dominating the pitch. Following half time, the rain had a bit of a break and this allowed some better control over the ball and the hits flew, as did a number of players on the slippery surface, but Georgia Nicholls managed to keep her balance and was able to find the back of the Brookfield net again.

Final score Brookfield 1 - 2 Fylde. Special mention goes to Megan and Liddy Eccles on their debut game and to Dawn Perruzza and Soraya Rigby for helping out.

Fylde (M) 2 - 5 City of Manchester 1 (M)

North West Men's Division 1

The Men's 1s hosted City of Manchester, with both teams entering the game on equal points equal games won/lost, we knew it was going to be a tough game. Fylde started the game well, with the opposition opting with a high press, something Fylde have struggled to cope with in previous weeks. After 10 or 15 minutes the away side managed to break the deadlock 0-1. Further attacks from the away side resulted in some shakey defending and a well worked Penalty Corner meant the away side took a 0-2 lead at half-time. After a shake down from stand-in coach Ian Swaine, the Coasters started well in the second half. This didn't stop the opposition with their quick counter attacks and after working the ball well down the right, the ball was fizzed across the D and a Fylde defender turning the ball into their own goal 0-3. Some positive hockey after this from the home side resulting in PCs awarded to the home side, after a good stop from the GK, Fylde were awarded a second and this time they did not miss 1-3 and feeling like they had a way back into the game. Further pressure from the away side and the game was soon 1-4 after the Fylde GK missed the ball and stick tackled the attacker resulting in a Flick awarded to the visiting side. Fylde continued to created some good chances and a well worked move down the left allowed Jamie Oakes to find the net slashing the deficit by half 2-4. The final 10 minutes of the game and the away side continued to move the ball well, Fylde running out of steam and having to soak up wave after wave of attack, finally the visitors found a way through with the ball being fired from right to left, leaving a City of Manchester attacker wide open to slot the ball into the bottom corner on a reverse stick 2-5 and the game over for Fylde. Some positive performances for Fylde from a disappointing home result. Young Adam Ball, dominant in midfield and Danny Taylor in goal making some great saves throughout the game.

Fylde now prepare for a difficult away trip to Windermere next week, hoping to bounce back from the home defeat to bring home 3pts.