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Mens & Ladies Match Reports 27 Nov 2021

Liverpool Sefton 1 (M) 4 - 2 Fylde (M)

North West Men's Division 1

The Men's 1s suffered a 4-2 defeat at the hands of Liverpool Sefton to take their losing streak to 4 in a row and taking only 1 point in their last 5.

A positive start from the travelling Fylde Coast side saw them going 1-0 up against the home side when Jamie Oakes managed to weave in and out of the defence and finding the post, the ball landing on the end of Duke Jones's stick who calmly slotted the ball into the back of an almost empty goal.

The pressure then mounted from the home side who then seemed to switch on and change gears, Fylde managing to cope with the waves of attacks. An overload down the left and some confusion in the Fylde defence resulted in the home side having 1 or 2 spare bodies at the back post to draw the game level. The home side then made the game 2-1 before the break with another overload and the Fylde defence unable to cope with the pressure.

Soon after the break the home side made it 3-1 picking up a lose ball in the D after the initial shot was well saved by the Fylde GK. Fykde then had an opportunity to reduce the deficit and a well worked short corner was stopped, hitting one of the Sefton defenders on the shoulder, the umpires then declaring the shot initially going wide of goal meant no retake was awarded to the travelling side.

Another attack from the home side meant the Fylde defence was yet again scrambling to clear the ball, both defender and GK aiming to clear the same ball which then fell nice to an attacker who could then slot the ball in to the back of an empty Fylde net 4-1.

Fylde managed one more attack, crossing the ball from the right and finding Chris Walker, who managed to hit the ball on his reverse stick to Jamie Oakes, unmarked on the back post to make the final score 4-2. A disappointing result for the travelling side.

MoM: Jay Currey

Fylde 2 (M) 0 - 11 Clitheroe Blackburn Northern 1 (M)

North West Men's Division 3 North

Fylde faced top of the league side Clitheroe Blackburn, and with much of the team having not played for the 2’s, Fylde knew it was going to be a tough match. Straight from the off, Blackburn played fast and aggressive hockey. Catching Fylde off guard and claiming a couple of quick goals. The rest of the first half continued much the same with a few quick breaks being made from Fylde thanks to some well-placed passing from the back four. After recomposing themselves and with the wind in their favour, Fylde had a strong performance in the second half. Putting Blackburn’s defence under pressure on multiple occasions with some great pass and move play. The defence were kept busy throughout the game, coming under constant attack from the opposition, making numerous amounts of solid tackle, with everyone working hard to get back behind the ball to help defend against a strong opposition. MotM was awarded to Rory Mower for some outstanding saves.

Fylde 3 (M) 1 - 0 Lytham St Annes 2 (M)

North West Men's Division 4 North

Storm Arwen had barely passed when Fylde Men’s 3’s started off the Saturday matches at Mill Farm with the early push back of 10am under what felt like artic conditions with the wind chill factor.

Lytham 2’s were the familiar opponents, and the match was a tight fought battle throughout with the two teams evenly matched. Fylde fielded an experienced back line together with Kristian Brandwood marshalling the central midfield and distributing balls all around the pitch. Luke Hitchen and Harry Marsh showed their increasing maturity in midfield, linking up with James Dobson, Angus Chandler and Oli Adewale, who all played with great spirit and tenaciousness despite their young ages. Phil Hope and Martin Stringfellow provided attacking balls down the flanks, and in one memorable move Martin and Chris Hills, with over 100 years of playing experience between them, played some delightful one-two passes before providing a dangerous cross into the D, unfortunately no attacker was able to get on the end of it.

The game remained 0-0 at halftime, and Lytham reorganised so that they enjoyed a lengthy spell of possession and attacks in Fylde’s half. They won a series of penalty corners, where Fylde defended like it was Rorke’s Drift, and goalkeeper Luke Whitelow made some key saves. At one point, Lytham had the ball in the back of the net, but it was adjudged to have been too high for a first attempt on goal and so disallowed, much to Lytham’s frustration.

Fylde reorganised their backline and started making more attacks of their own. However it was from a counter attack, where the ball was launched to Oli Holmes in space on his own in Lytham’s half, and had a 1 on 1 with the goalkeeper rushing out to the edge of the D, who was able to parry the ball away with his stick towards the corner. However Harry Marsh dribbled back with it and flicked the ball towards goal, and before the keeper could save it, Oli Holmes nudged the ball onwards into the goal giving the keeper no chance to save, and stealing the goal scorer credit. However no one was worried about who scored, it was the goal that mattered. 1-0 to Fylde and they managed to hang on for the remaining five minutes to celebrate their second win of the season. Man of the Match was awarded to Luke Whitelow for some vital saves as goalkeeper and keeping an all-important clean sheet.

Fylde 2 (F) 1 - 1 Timperley 2 (F)

North West Women's Division 1

At home we play,

On a cold but sunny day,

We are ready, tunes on and warm,

We plan to attack like bees in a swarm!

There was play on the pitch up and down,

Some with smiles and often Timperley with a frown.

We worked the ball left and right, a little defensive at first,

But then we maintained control and had a lil burst.

A quick goal from a short and a second ball in the D,

Today it was Beth’s goal and time to be!

Some fabulous running from Olivia, Chelsea and Sally R,

Well done to the midfielders passing near and far.

A day of clearances, saves and dives,

Well done KB again for saving our lives,

Quick passing, movement up and down,

It was defo a day for wearing the long, warm gown!

Timperley closed and smothered the play,

Gaining possession and scoring in a basic way,

We thought and tried to go again to goal,

We gave blood and sweat to try and get another with all our soul.

The game finished 1-1 in the end,

A tough battle this again this weekend,

We had most of the possession in time,

We work together, train together and build on this onwards and upwards climb.

Wigton 1 (F) 2 - 1 Fylde 3 (F)

North West Women's Division 2 North

Ladies 3s made the long drive to a chilly and windy Wigton. With several of the usual team unable to play, six of Fylde 4s generously stepped up to allow the fixture to go ahead. With an average age of 15, against a very experienced Wigton, Fylde had youth and pace on their side but alas it was not match for Wigton’s strong passing game who pressed Fylde’s defence from push back. When in possession Fylde played well, with Keira Tomes and Scarlett Turnock linking up well on the right Fylde we were soon pressing the Wigton defence and giving their goalkeeper something to worry about. As play opened up, Lauren Appleyard was left with the entire left of the pitch to make some fantastic runs. The first half saw Fylde’s confidence grow when they realised they were not out-classed, one such passage of play saw Megan Coar put one in the back of the net. 0-1 to Fylde at half time. The second half started very much like the first, with Wigton heavily pressing the Fylde defence. Abigail Johnson, Scarlett Turnock and Georgie Hampson were often heavily outnumbered trying to defend breaks in play when Wigton intercepted the ball and attacked. Unfortunately one high pressured moment meant a penalty stroke was conceded, the score became 1-1. The rest of the second half was end to end, both teams were losing possession and then regaining it. Fylde continued to press but none of the crosses from Keira Tomes found the back of the net as the forwards couldn’t quite get to the post for a deflection. The last 5 minutes was played exclusively in Fylde’s half, Wigton continued to drag the defence out of position switching the ball until a gap opened up. With 30 seconds left of the game Fylde over committed their defence to the left, the ball was quickly switched and keeper Izzy Slater was left exposed. The ball was easily slotted in by Wigton’s unmarked forward. A tough end to a tough game, 2-1 to Wigton. Goal: Megan Coar MOM: Abigail Johnson

Lancaster Nomads 2 (F) 2 - 3 Fylde 5 (F)

North West Women's Division 4 North (Central)

Fylde Ladies 5XI arrived this week hungry for another win after last week’s triumph, armed with a posse of friends and family gathered to watch from as far away as Leeds. The weather for the match was Baltic but the gripping game meant no one was tempted at any point to seek warmth of their cars.

The older generation took to the front line to start the match Debbie McClelland, Soraya Rigby and Rachel Lees made some excellent breaks in the first 15 minutes but unfortunately failed to find the back of the net. Abbie Warburton then came on and did some amazing runs down the right resulting in a goal within 10 minutes.

Dawn Peruzza, Tiana Moseley and Jess Egan held firm on any attacks on the D until Jess had an injury and Debbie had to step into her place at the back, holding the defence together in her brief absence.

Half time score 0-1, but the game was far from over.

Coming back from half time Fylde unfortunately conceded 2, one which hit the goal post straight back to the opposition allowing them to slip it past. Felicity Flood Whittle made some amazing saves bravely coming out on several occasions and shutting down any chances the Nomads had. At no point did Fylde stop pushing the press high, Natalie Smith and Grace Tomlinson in midfield relentlessly making attacks towards the goal but just unsuccessful with securing a goal. 2-1 down and the captain called for the players to get some ‘fire in their bellies’ and that they did.

With Lucy Wane, Sophie Finney and Abbie Warburton pushing hard down the right it allowed Abbie with great skill to make her way to the D and score her second goal. This goal brought Fylde to a draw and left them determined for more. They bounced back once again with a drive down the right by Lucy who passed it to Soraya who was placed in the D, she successfully swept it past the keeper and in the back of the net - some say she is in back in her prime. This put Fylde ahead and the crowd went wild.

At this point in the game, with only 5 minutes left, Fylde pulled all players to hold the defence strong but still opportunities arose and Fylde broke free driving powerfully towards the goal. Captain Debbie received a great ball at the top of the opponents D, she lifted her stick to strike but just as she made contact the final whistle blew and her beautiful strike and goal was stolen.

The last match before Christmas was a win, a mid table position in the league secured. Final score Lancaster Nomads 2Xl 2- 3 Fylde 5Xl.

Fylde 6 (F) 0 - 3 Preston 3 (F)

North West Women's Division 5 North (Central)

Fylde Ladies 6th played Preston Ladies 2s at Mill Farm as the sun began to set and the temperature plummeted!

Preston were very quick of the mark and dominated the possession making Fylde work hard to keep them out of the D and putting on pressure winning some short corners when they did make it through, unlucky for Fylde, Preston were able to turn an attack into a goal. Following a reset, Preston quickly regained possession and an unlucky slip in the Fylde defence saw Preston take the advantage and score a second, closely followed by a third.

As half time came, this was an opportunity for Fylde to regroup, a couple of positional changes saw the start of the second half and Fylde began to bring together some good attacks with both Nikki Richmond and Eve Clarkson making some good tackles and interceptions in the midfield. With Fran Thompson-Loffler commanding the centre defence, possession became more even and Laura Arts and Katie Sloane were able to make some good runs into our attacking D. Preston kept up their counter attacks, with Grace Livesey making some great tackles and Dani Howarth clearing the balls that made it through, Fylde were able to keep a clean sheet in the second half.

Final score Fylde 0 - 3 Preston.


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