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Match Reports 25 & 26 Mar 2023

The final league games for the Mens 1's, narrowly avoiding relegation, the Ladies 3's with an honourable draw and the Ladies 5's with a memorable win. The U14 girls unluckily lost out in the regional final on penalty shuffles.

Pendle Forest 1 2-1 Fylde 1

On Saturday 25th march, Fylde Ladies 1s travelled to play Pendle Forest away. In challenging weather conditions Fylde found themselves 1-0 down after a slow start. However as the game progressed Fylde’s determination and hard work got them well into the game resulting in great runs through the middle from Bo Madden and Flor Zappulla.

Going into the second half, Fylde’s pressure eventually paid off when they were awarded with a short corner and a goal from Lucy Woods to make it 1-1. Fylde attacked hard down the wing, winning many short corners, but not managing to score another goal.

After a break away run from one of Pendle’s forwards, they managed to make it 2-1 in the final quarter. We were disappointed to come away without any points as it didn’t reflect the quality of the game.

Congratulations to Bo Madden for winning player of the match with hard work and skilful runs. Final score 2-1 Pendle.

Fylde 2 2-5 Formby 1

We looked forward to playing against Formby at home knowing we had to go out strong, work together as a team and link the passes. They arrived also wanting a win and were determined to take the 3 points. We were also looking to gain a step closer to promotion. Some brilliant direction from Katie B and some great leadership from Sally and Chelsea.

The play initially was with Fylde in control and creating chances. We were resilient to keep trying to get the ball to hit the backboard and were determined to get on the end of the rebounds. The midfield worked well with linking passes from Lucy, Olivia J-H, Lisa and Ruby up the line and then driving into the D. With a high press and pressure on their defence we hoped we could find a way through. It was very clear Formby applied pressure early, not allowing us much time to make decisions once we had received the ball.

3-0 down at half time and our team talk was encouraging to apply the pressure earlier, anticipate and support and we must try and get a goal back. A determined Katie F came on which allowed us to step higher. Formby found their way through again but we found the fight in the latter part of the game, moving forward and playing very high to get 2 late goals from fast play by Emma and Chelsea.

A difficult loss but we go out in search of a final 3 points next Saturday for the last game of the brilliant season we have had.

Scorers: Chelsea Atkinson x2

Kirkby Stephen 2 1-1 Fylde 3

Before the match had started today, many difficulties had already been faced. After a change of time and a struggle to get enough players up for the match, players, managers, and coaches put in the effort to get this game on for us. Many players stepped up from the teams below yet, showed confidence and skill across the pitch. They adjusted quickly and proved they could play in higher leagues and still be outstanding.

The first 20 minutes of the match felt uneventful, our team moved up and down the pitch working as a unit. Although this wasn’t as smooth and efficient initially, we got to grips with our positions and roles and how to create strategic and tactical plays.

Unfortunately, in the 25th minute Kirby Stephen scored; our defence kept it out of the D almost the entire time but their strength this one time got the better of us. Some great work by Lauren Appleyard, passing strongly and accurately enabled Fylde to continuously attack and tire out the opposition. Issy Gut, in her first game for Fylde 3’s, regained possession countless times with some incredible tackles.

Before the end of the first half, we had 3 unsuccessful short corners, but we would not let this deter us. We continued to push forward and after discussions over halftime we were ready to fight back harder.

The entire team upped their game, especially Amy Carter who scored the goal which equalised us. From there we were eager to win, we had the ball numerous times in the D, struggling to find the back of the net. Although we were unable to, Heather Appleyard’s fantastic save in the last 30 seconds of the match, kept the score level. An honourable result given the situation.

Final score: 1:1

Player of the Match: Amy Carter

A great thank you to everybody who has played, stepped up, transported, and helped with all the fixtures this season. A huge shoutout to the amazing fan support. It been a privilege to captain this team, well done for a fabulous season!

Fylde 4 0-9 Southport 1

Home match Sun shining Gymnastics and press-ups challenges Crowd in full voice creating fantastic atmosphere Players keeping their cool despite the language 1 ankle sprain - team effort to help player from the pitch Result wasn’t double figures!! Everyone still smiling after the game Post match food Hotpot or pasta Pub for the adults! Final score Fylde 0- 9 Southport Player of the match: Jess Egan

Fylde 5 2-0 Lancaster 3

After last week's strong draw the Ladies 5th team arrived keen for a win to end the season in style. With a perfect combination of experience and youth playing they warmed up to Calvin Harris and the mood was positive.

Lancaster started strong fighting to save themselves from relegation. Fylde took a while to get into their stride but soon started to create some attacking opportunities on the right with Poppy Milligan, Melissa Johnson Parker and Kayt Raynor (who had brought her son to cheer us on for his first time in the stands). Lancaster were able to counter attack on their right but Debbie McClelland, Rosie Leil and Louise Eastham were able to work together channelling the challenges and intercepting the ball. Sadly speed Granny Soraya Rigby was not so speedy and ended the half with ice and ibuprofen, determined to get back on the pitch and score. Fylde came back in the second half ready to keep working hard. Kayt covered for Soraya and worked well in the D to finally get a shot on goal and they heard the sweet sound of the backboard and the crowd went wild, well everyone went wild, they hadn’t scored a goal since February 11th.

Lancaster came back strong, connecting impressively down the middle. Tiana Mosley wiped the tears of joy away and did what she does best shutting down these attacks. The defence struggled at times to get balls through the Lancaster press but Liz Johnson and Louise Eastham worked tirelessly to retain possession and move the ball back up to create pressure. Dawn Peruzza however didn’t struggle to get balls through finding her daughter Aimee in centre midfield giving her a strong chance at a goal which was thwarted yet again. Lancaster to their credit just weren’t giving up. Several short corners went their way. Dani Howarth owned her net and took command and Lancaster’s persistence of just trying to take a straight shot on goal didn’t work for them.

With 10 minutes left it was time for Rosie Leil to shine, she moved the ball effortlessly into the D supported by her forwards took a shot on goal which was deflected in by Lancaster, and Fylde lengthened their lead to 2-0. Fylde held their screeners back to ensure a strong defence to retain their lead and with just seconds to go Lancaster had one last shot on goal which Debbie stopped with her foot, fully aware that the whistle meant the umpire was giving a penalty stroke. The final whistle blew and the team gathered to watch the mighty Dani Howarth in goal. Lancaster played the ball Dani correctly moved her left foot to intercept, everyone held their breath as it appeared to still be bound for the goal, then it hit the post and the stands erupted.

Emotions were high, Fylde hadn’t had a win since December 3rd, and to end the season like this was amazing. As always we win as a team and lose as a team and what a team they are. Final score Fylde 2 - 0 Lancaster.

Kirkby Lonsdale 1 5-2 Fylde 1

From a midweek team sheet of 14, only a bare 11 made the vital final game of the season up in Kirkby Lonsdale, with captain Gaz Sym surprisingly missing.

It was almost 10 starting the game, as for some unknown reason (or perhaps a dodgy breakfast), Connor McClelland decided to go for an extended toilet break with less than five minutes before push-back. A female supporter was sent to drag him out, whilst we apologised to the opposition, waited an extra couple of minutes and then explained the formation to him as he ran into his allotted position.

Kirkby Lonsdale exerted pressure from the off, and the Fylde defence had to fend off wave on wave of attacks, and struggled to properly distribute the ball out from the back, with the two forwards not having a touch for at least 15 minutes. There was a worrying moment when goalkeeper and hard man Danny Taylor made a save at close range then screamed for time to be stopped whilst whipping off his goalkeeping gloves and clutching his forearm. His fellow defenders helped remove his armguard very carefully, half-expecting to see white bone sticking through skin, but everything was intact, and the armguard had done its job, being severely dented.

With numerous short corners, and attacking runs, it was no surprise that Kirkby Lonsdale snatched a couple of goals taking the lead in the first half. It was towards the end of the half before Fylde starting make some inroads themselves. Steve Whitley received a ball from Paul Atherton just outside the D, dribbled his way in, and was coming round the rushing goalkeeper ready to take a reverse stick shot, when he was taken out by the keeper's flailing arms & stick. Fylde fully expected a penalty stoke and maybe even a yellow card for the goalkeeper, but to their dismay only a short corner was given. After some petitioning of the umpire, which as always makes absolutely no difference, Ben Mortimer took on the duty of first strike, and he blasted the ball straight and true into the backboard. Justice was served, and Fylde trailed 2-1 at half-time.

Any plans of a resurgence in the second half fell apart when more goals were conceded, despite the best efforts of Danny Taylor, who pulled off some magnificent close range saves, to earn the opposition's man of the match. As umpiring decisions appeared to go against the team, discipline crumbled, and there was a green card shown to Connor McClelland and then Jay Currey, with warnings against any further bad tackling. It was the captain who was penalised again for the same offence and this time shown a yellow card, with less than five minutes remaining. He then took the opportunity to leave the pitch early so he could return to Mill Farm to help coach the Ladies 4's (not overly successful given the result).

Fylde did have some dangerous attacks of their own in the second half, one particular cross saw Phil Hope diving in vain on the penalty spot. Short corners were won, and finally with a slip routine, Paul Atherton found the net. The final whistle then blew and the game had ended in a 5-2 defeat for Fylde.

When back at the Orange Tree for the traditional chilli & chips (best tea in the North West), the results website was continually refreshed until Keswick's result appeared, luckily they also lost, meaning that Fylde stay 8th on goal difference, and avoid any risk of relegation. Hopefully Keswick also remain in the division and the current 10 teams are expanded to the normal 12.

Joint Man of the Match between Danny Taylor and Sam Goudie.

Busy Fool for Connor for his pre-match shenanigans, although a late challenge from Jay for his 2 cards and leaving the team he was captaining before the end of the match.

Fylde Girls U14

EH Tier 2 Regional Finals

After beating Chester and Alderley Edge in the semi-finals 3 weeks previously, the U14 girls continued their form with a 5-0 win against Bowdon and then a very close 1-1 draw with Timperley. The drama of penalty shuffles was to follow to decide the regional winner, but unfortunately Fylde lost out to Timperley.

Proud coach Phil Hope said "Fortune was not on our side today but I could not have asked any more from them all. I’ve coached for a long time but I’ve never experienced such a range of emotions as I have today, it wasn’t for the faint hearted."


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