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At Fylde HC we are so excited to be getting back to play hockey. However, we are also very conscious of our responsibility to do that safely. Here’s what we’re doing to make sure we can all be playing and watching hockey at Mill Farm safely and soon.

  1. We will be appointing a COVID-19 officer who will lead our COVID-19 working group and have responsibility for developing a Covid-19 plan and risk assessment prior to the restart of any activity.

  2. All coaches, captains and officials will be fully briefed on the latest protocols and risk assessments in order that all activities are run within the guidelines set out by England Hockey and the Government COVID-19 regulations.

  3. There will be a register of attendance taken at every pitch session and anyone who has either not completed the EH participation form or carried out a pre-attendance self-assessment will be requested to do so before coming onto the pitch.

  4. In conjunction with the staff at Mill Farm we are working hard to ensure there are the appropriate hygiene facilities in place and clear signage to enable social distancing at all times.

  5. We recognise that some people may not feel comfortable coming back to play just yet and we want you to know that that is OK. The right time to return is when you feel comfortable and confident to return.


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