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Ladies & Mens Match Reports 20 Nov 2021

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Fylde 1 (F) 2 - 2 Timperley 1 (F)

Vitality Women's Conference North

Fylde Ladies 1XI played Timperley 1XI on Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately they conceded a goal from a short corner but Fylde stayed composed and calm on the ball with a determined mindset.

The defence worked well together to keep hold of the ball under pressure with great defending and they were quick on the ball. With great play Fylde managed to get a short corner which ended up with Dani Merrick scoring the goal with a deflection.

However Timperley had a quick break through and soon after scored there next goal. Fylde determined to take the win didn’t lose hope and with some great double transfers from the defence, outlets out wide and driving the baseline Fylde managed to score another goal and level out the score.

Fylde dominated the second half, they connected and passed early, dominated the opposition. They had multiple chances on goal with a couple 1v1 on the keeper but just couldn’t get finish it off.

Ultimately a 2-2 draw, but against the side top of the league. Fylde find themselves 6th and mid-table in this open league going into the Xmas break and return to action in February.

Alderley Edge 2 (F) 3 - 1 Fylde 2 (F)

North West Women's Division 1

Away we went, To Alderley Edge we meant, We arrived with 11 in our team, Due to circumstances that were unfortunately unseen. We worked hard from the first whistle blown, We passed and linked and chased like a dog after a bone, We applied the pressure tightly when we could, We all grew in strength just like a piece of wood. AH found a way through, Whilst some spectators stood with a brew, A goal was scored unfortunately against us near, Despite every effort to get it clear. We then went again but they found a fast way in, Oh another goal, but hopefully we can still win?!? We struggled with a few things, However, we did work the ball up and down the wings. We were working really on our spell, Keeping high and pressing well, We got a great ball from Dawn to Sally R and in, The strength, determination and commitment all came from within! Goal! We went again and again to the ‘D’, Oh, please let us get another goal - is it to be? Sally L, Jayne and Dawn linked well in the middle, Whilst our Olivia’s and Emma drove down with a wormy wiggle. Some great instructional calls from KB, To help keep AH out of our D, We all worked as hard as can be, However, they got to our goal with a magic key. 3-1 it was at the end, Despite our efforts to attack and defend, It was a challenge and some umpires calls were missed, Oh blimey, some of them hissed. Fylde will fight and battle again, Next Saturday will call us to our Home den, We hope to see you their to support, As we will try again and again in our fabulous sport!

Fylde 3 (F) 4 - 0 Ulverston 1 (F)

North West Women's Division 2 North

Ladies 3s hosted Ulverston at Mill Farm in what turned out to be a wet and blustery game with the rain descending shortly before the start of the game, with a straight 11 Fylde knew the game was going to be tough. The first 10 minutes Ulverston pushed Fylde’s midfield and defence with quick passing play and Fylde were at times slow to respond. As Fylde warmed into the game they soon began to link up passes well and threaten the Ulverston goal, with multiple D penetrations and short corners but could not find the back of the net. In one set piece Megan Coar took a ball to the neck and unfortunately could not continue the game, with no substitutes on the sideline coach Ian Swaine had to turn to the spectators and see if anyone could step up to keep the match 11 a-side. 4th team player Lali Atherton generously volunteered to step up and quickly made her presence known, scoring within the next few minutes closely followed by a brilliant cross from Katie Tinsley which found the back of the net. The first half ended without any more drama, 2-0 to Fylde. The second saw the players came out determined to maintain possession and work hard, as did the rain. With fantastic runs from defender Abigail Johnson and Poppy Chester, Fylde were consistently pressing Ulverston’s defence, forwards Katie Tinsley and Keira Tomes were reregulalry working the ball into the D but couldn’t manage to deflect the ball into the goal. One such passage of play saw a fantastic run from Keira Tomes resulting in Lali’s second goal of the night. With 6 minutes to go, and 3-0 up captain, Georgie Hampson had to step off the pitch for medical reasons leaving Fylde down to 10 men. Fylde didn’t let this put them off and continued to press Ulverston, Keira continually used her pace against Ulverston and one such run saw her make it 4-0 which Fylde maintained to the end of the game. Scorers: Lali Atherton (2), Katie Tinsley and Keira Tomes MOM: Keira Tomes

Fylde 4 (F) 5 - 5 Longridge 2 (F)

North West Women's Division 3 North (Central)

In the last home match of the day at Mill Farm the ladies 4th team hosted Longridge 2’s.

The Fylde girls played out a 10 goal draw in a match where both defences had a hard time. The Fylde forward line of Izzy Woodman, Carly Wilde and Frankie Margerison scored together with Lauren Appleyard (short corner) and Natalie Smith.

The game was a thriller throughout and Fylde’s reduced squad did well and were perhaps unlucky not to take all the points.

Final score 5-5. Player of the match Frankie Margerison.

Fylde 5 (F) 9 - 0 Lancaster & Morecambe 2 (F)

North West Women's Division 4 North (Central)

This Saturday Fylde Ladies 5Xl took to the pitch at Mill Farm, their home ground, for the first time this season against Lancaster and Morecambe 2 Xl. From the very first moment they stepped onto the pitch, they were motivated and ready for the match ahead. This positive attitude showed throughout the whole team and they were determined it would stay.

The team were pleased to have Summer Holroyd playing her first match of the season after only being able to attend training sessions and it was safe to say we loved having her back on the pitch defending the D alongside Rachel Lees, their defence was outstanding. Any play that did manage to get past them was quickly ended by Felicity Flood Whittle who intercepted any chance the opposition had on goal. Our very own captain Debbie McCelland even made an appearance in defence, even though this is not her usual position she did extremely well tackling and distributing all balls wide.

At half time the score was 3-0, the team started the second half raring to go, scoring 6 more goals in the second half showing that they were a force to be reckoned with. Georgia Nicholls scored on her debut game for 5Xl as she skillfully made her way into the D. Fylde had several short corners throughout the game most ending with a goal.

Jess Egan made the most of her new position and played high scoring a hat-trick. Amy Carter scored twice as did Fiona Quarmby. Gemma Eastham made it a total of 9 goals.

Our midfield Louise Eastham, Emma Huggon, Gemma Eastham and Amy Carter worked hard to keep the ball in the attacking half. Kelly Wiseman showed grit and determination pushing the ball into the D getting around the defence and never giving up.

As a whole every single player on the pitch pulled together as a team and worked incredibly hard, the score reflecting this. Win as a team lose as a team.

Chorley Phoenix 2 (F) 2 - 0 Fylde 6 (F)

North West Women's Division 5 North (Central) Fylde Ladies 6th team played Chorley Phoenix 2s at Buckshaw Village. Fylde got stuck in from the off, valiantly pushing to try and gain possession of the ball against a strong Chorley Phoenix 2s team. A couple of balls made it through the opposition defence but Fylde couldn’t quite get it into the D for a strike on goal and before long, Chorley Phoenix managed to make a run and forced their way into Fylde’s defensive D, Fran Lofler-Thompson, who again donned the keeper kit, worked hard, successfully keeping the ball out until a lucky stick managed to roll the ball just out of the reach of her, giving the opposition the lead. Fylde did not let this deter them and continued to work hard with Liddy Eccles making some great interceptions on the left and Nikki Richmond working hard in the midfield. Despite the teams best efforts however, Chorley Phoenix were again able to to find the back of the Fylde net. At half time, Fran got the balls out to give a visual to her positional play chat and the team went back out ready to fight and fight they did! Lauren Appleyard made some great runs down the right hand side, with some convincing crosses into the D and Dawn Peruzza and Heather Appleyard worked to stop the ball coming through the centre of the pitch, forcing the play wide. Whilst Chorley Phoenix made some quick runs and were able to win themselves a couple of short corners, the defence dealt with these and kept the ball out.

A fight to the end but Fylde Ladies were able to give a strong performance with a final score of Chorley Phoenix 2 - 0 Fylde Ladies. Special mention goes to Eve Clarkson and Sam Derbyshire on their debut game for the club!

Fylde (M) 2 - 6 Keswick 1 (M)

North West Men's Division 1 This week the Men's 1 hosted promotion contenders Kewick at Mill Farm. Fylde went into the game confident after a good warm up and everyone turning up on time for a change and seemed to settle well into the first 20 minutes of the game. Keswick then broke from the middle of the pitch and out of nowhere went 1-0 up after some clever play meant they ended up 2 on 1 with the keeper. Fylde, shocked by this had to now pick themselves up and go again. Starting strong, Fylde had some good moments, Duke Jones attacking their left-half and breezing past to find himself wide open attacking the D, the shot wide but some positives coming to light. Some more positive play by Fylde in the middle of the pitch but the home side not being able to find the back of the net. A breakdown of play in the middle of the park found the visiting side again attacking the Fylde goal and a lucky bobble meant the away attackers found their way through the Fylde defence and making it 2-0 heading into the half-time break. The second half started as the first finished, Keswick finding there way into the home D and sliding the ball under the GK after the initial shot was saved. Fylde now with their tails between their legs managed to pick themselves back up and attacked well. Penalty Corner won and the team lined up, the initial dragflick was saved and found its way to Ian Swaine who on the reverse, managed to drill the ball back towards the goal finding Jordan Payne who re-directed the ball into the bottom corner of the visitors goal 3-1. Fylde then applied pressure on to the visiting side and finding space down the sides to attack. The ball finding it's way to Simon Holt, who was having a great game so far. Holt managed to take on the last defender and charge to the Keswick D. The Keswick keeper came sliding out to stop Holt but it was too late, Simon had managed to, on his reverse, nudge the ball past the goal keeper and calmly role the ball into the back of the net 3-2 and game on! Keswick re-started the game and changed tactic, moving to back 3 and moving to more in the forward line, this worked well for the opposition who were quickly able to give themselves a 2 goal cushion again, finding space down the left and playing a ball across the penalty spot, finding a Keswick stick who slotted it beyond Danny Taylor who couldn't do anything about that well worked goal. At this point Fylde started to fatigue and the visiting side found more and more space in the mid-field. The visiting side soon found themselves 5-2 up and in control of the game. Fylde continued to fight but unable to break beyond the Keswick defence. Finally, Keswick found themselves in a similar situation as they did for the first goal, 2 on 1 with the GK, final score 6-2. MoM: Jay Currey & Simon Holt

Wigton 1 (M) - Fylde 2 (M)

North West Men's Division 3 North

Match Cancelled

Garstang 1 (M) 6 - 2 Fylde 3 (M)

North West Men's Division 4 North The new look Men’s 3’s under the guidance of coach Chris Banks had a tough test away against Garstang 1’s, who are full of experienced players from around the Fylde area. Two goals were conceded early before Fylde found their rhythm, and passing around their youthful midfield and attack. Captain Oli Holmes, on his return after several weeks of isolation, scored a powerful goal from Fylde’s first short corner. Garstang scored two more, quite scrappy, goals to Fylde’s frustration, but Fylde scored from another short corner, this time by Nigel Sadler to make the halftime score 2-4. The play flowed from end to end in the second half, and arguably the fitness and speed of the Fylde youngsters were more prevalent, even though it didn’t lead to any further goals.

There was some heavy rear guard action in Fylde’s defence, but they still conceded two more goals, and Connor McClelland was especially impressive, although he was awarded a green card for what was deemed to be an over enthusiastic tackle. That debate may have continued on later in the evening since the umpire is his mother! Final score 2-6 but an encouraging performance against the 2nd placed team in the league, and a man of the match award for Harry Marsh who was industrious in midfield and attack.


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