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Mens & Ladies Match Reports 24 Oct 2020

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

The Mens 1's, Ladies 1's, Ladies 2's and Ladies 3's league matches were all postponed due to the Covid-19 Tier 3 restrictions, with Fylde only allowed to play against other clubs in Lancashire. There are ongoing talks in the North and North West leagues to reorganise some of the divisions to allow for more league hockey.

Fylde Men's 2 5-2 Leyland and Chorley Men's 1s

North West Hockey League Division 2 North

Fylde 2s vs Leyland and Chorley was definitely one for the neutrals. Fylde offered a late change to the starting line-up with Matt Tomlinson moving to CB and Charlie Parker taking the LB role, Fylde had a strong backline.

Leyland and Chorley started the match off by creating some attacking opportunities down the wings. However, sharp defending from Charlie Parker, Matt Tomlinson, Ben Mortimer, and Harry Gordon stopped the Leyland threats and created an air of calm about the game (the calm before the storm). They say defences win you games and this is exactly how it happened. An unheard-of double transition around the back lead to Parker playing a long line ball to Aaron Sadler who drove into the Leyland D achieving a short corner. Injected by Simon Thomas, Luca Sempers dispatches the short corner into the top-left corner of the goal - something that was becoming a bit of habit.

Amongst the tense game, green cards were picked up on either side. Half-time couldn’t come soon enough.

Horrocks led the half-time team talk highlighting to avoid on the pitch arguments with the opposition. Tactically, Simon Holt, Luca Sempers and Aaron Sadler were told to turn and burn the Leyland half-backs due to the pace differential. Hard work from Alan Simpson released the forwards who won a short corner. Up steps Sempers and it is tidily dispatched. Fylde 2-0.

More words on the pitch, the umpires finding more cards with 3 more are produced, a yellow and 2 greens across both teams in the space of 5 minutes. The player number advantage helping out Leyland as they score two goals in quick succession. A straight hit from a short corner and then a straight hit from the top D during open play. The experience and calmness of Alan Simpson, Simon Thomas, and Alex Horrocks allowed Fylde to grow back into the game with confidence.

Some liquid hockey down the left-side between Dylan Jordan, Simon Thomas, and Aaron Sadler resulted in Thomas through 1-on-1 with the keeper before unselfishly squaring the ball for Sadler to score into an open net. 3-2 Fylde. An incredible run by Tomlinson from the back results in Sadler having another free goal, the score was now 4-2.

When through on goal, a Fylde forward was taken out by the Leyland goalkeeper and given a straight red card. With no keeper to save the penalty flick, Sempers scores his hat-trick. During the dying minutes, another yellow is picked up by Fylde, but they maanged to keep the scoreline the same with some smart saves from Cameron McIntyre.

Final score Fylde 5 – Leyland and Chorley 2. MoM - Matt Tomlinson.

Fylde Men's 3 6-3 Preston Men's 6s

North West Hockey League Division 4 North North

Fylde 3s were hosting Preston 6s and looking for a win to turn around their recent form, and were certainly rewarded with an astonishing 6-3 win. Every single Fylde player played a very exciting part in the game where the team displayed high quality passing and movement throughout all areas of the pitch, making Preston work hard throughout the game. Stars Jay Mayne, Tim Woodman and Rob Pasqualino were the players who bagged a goal each, but it was Hugo Mace who shone brightest on the scoresheet with a terrific hat-trick to finish the match for Fylde.

The constant Fylde threat was the newly formed partnership of Jay Mayne and Tim Woodman, who both did exceptionally well to connect fantastic 1-2 passes around the Preston defence and not only score a goal each, but also assist each other and play a part in other Fylde goals. The only problem faced was which player to award man of the match. It was a unanimous decision in favour of the young Tim Woodman, whose tireless efforts were crucial in the build up to each goal and in denying Preston's chances.

Preston Men's 5s 5-1 Fylde Men's 4

North West Hockey League Division 4 North North

After last week’s postponements it was good to return to league hockey with a derby match against Preston, even if it was another 70 minutes of getting completely soaked in the constant rain.

After some initial forays by Fylde it was Preston who put the pressure on, winning several short corners. They scored from one, and snatched another from a breakaway with some good passing to elude the Fylde defence. However it was Fylde who scored the goal of the game when an initial shot was saved by the goalkeeper, and as the ball was at waist height Phil Hope batted it back into the goal at pace, more akin to a cricket or baseball shot. Fylde were unlucky not to equalise as Hope was provided the ball in front of goal from a rare attack into the opposition half by defender Pete Latimer, and his shot flew past the goalkeeper only to unluckily hit the post.

Preston had the better of the second half, and scored two more goals from a series of short corners, and another from a well hit cross which found an unmarked attacker at the far post. Fylde never stopped trying and had plenty of possession and half chances, with the scoreline not really reflecting the nature of the game.

MoM Richard Clarke for his tireless performance up and down the left wing, in attack and coming back to defend.

Lancaster Nomads Ladies 1 v Fylde Ladies' 4

Lancashire Central Women's Hockey League Premier Division

Postponed due to a waterlogged pitch

Fylde Ladies' 5 1-2 Lancaster Nomads Ladies 2s

Lancashire Central Women's Hockey League Division 1

Even before we arrived at Mill Farm we knew it was going to be the sort of week when you need take a bin bag to keep your stuff dry. With the 1st team match cancelled we hoped that Lancaster Nomads didn’t decided to reinforce the 2nd team at the last minute. With the game starting late and another game after there wasn’t much time to warm up but the girls had their game faces on and were raring to go. Fylde had some excellent play in the first half and many attempts on goal Isabelle Woodman putting one in the back of the note from the left to give Fylde a lead. Nomads came out fighting in the second half however Fylde maintained their good attacking play with again many unfruitful plays into the opposition D. Nomads however were able to, on 2 occasions, take a driving ball up through the left defence and score. A disappointing and soggy result again for Fylde 5XI.

Fylde Ladies' 6 1-1 Garstang Ladies 4s

Lancashire Central Women's Hockey League Division 2

Fylde Ladies 6th team, fortunate enough to be in a relatively local league, came together to face Garstang Ladies 4th team.

A wet day saw Fylde take first push back and all came out blazing and quickly dominating the game, holding possession well and keeping the ball in our attacking half. Hard work paid off and Georgia Nicholls found the back of the net to give Fylde the lead.

After a half term talk, Garstang come back out fighting, but the team reacted well and the defence remained strong, keeping the Garstang attack at bay. Taking control, Fylde made some great runs and attempts on goal but these were stopped by an agile Garstang keeper. With not long to go, Garstang made a break and were able to steal the ball past our defences, evening out the score. Fylde quickly recovered and continued to play hard until the final whistle was blown.

End score Fylde 1 - 1 Garstang. POM: Poppy Chester.


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