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Match Reports 26 Nov 2022

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Harrogate 1 5-3 Fylde 1

Fylde Ladies 1's had a tough game away to Harrogate. They lost their inspirational captain Vicky Rukin to illness and had to call up 2nd team stalwart EJ Dunkerley at short notice.

Twice they went behind in the first half, only to equalise through Amelia Hatton (her first for the 1st team) and then Izzie Milbourn at a penalty corner, in her last game for the team before going abroad.

However, they then conceded three goals to the same Harrogate player in the second half, before a late consolation goal from Florance Zappula ended the game at 5-3.

This result means Harrogate join Fylde and two other teams on 14pts, and placed 4th-7th, in an exceptionally tight Conference North. There's now a winter gap until 4th February.

Fylde 2 2-3 Brooklands-Poynton 2

On Saturday Fylde Ladies 2s played Brooklands-Poynton seconds. Fylde started off the game strong, working as a team with some close chances by Beth Ridsdale, Chelsea Atkinson and Olivia Merrick but their goalie made several vital saves. After hard work from each side, Brooklands scored in the first half to make it 1-0.

At half time Fylde had an inspirational team talk which led to a hard earnt goal scored by Chelsea Atkinson. They worked hard as a team defending the goal but unfortunately Brooklands managed to score again making the score 2-1.

After hard work from everyone in the team and the persistence from each player, it led to Olivia John-Haslam scoring making the score 2-2. The team worked well together however Brooklands managed to get in a late goal making the score 3-2 at full time.

Penrith 1 4-2 Fylde 3

Despite the final score line showing 4:2, the match was tight throughout. Fylde started quickly, both sides were awarded a short within the first 6 minutes, neither of which came to anything. Eager to get a goal, Fylde placed 10 shots near to goal - all of which hit the post or went off the backline. While very frustrating this only made the team fight for the ball harder. In the 25th minute of the match, Penrith scored their first goal. Fylde desperately needed more defence back to oppose their counterattacks, while in control of the ball they dominated possession, but this allowed for Penrith to make rapid attacks which Fylde didn’t get back in time for. However, in the final minute of the first half, Megan Coar scored an equalising goal, putting Fylde back into the game. In the second half, Fylde became less complacent, striving to be first for the ball. A great example of this was Victoria Latham’s run from one end of the pitch to the other, preventing Penrith from gaining possession in an open space so they could not score. Wonderful defending. In the 6th and 9th minute of the second half, Penrith got two lucky goals, but this didn’t deter Fylde. The team had many opportunities for goals, but the opposition defence was too strong, one shot which made it past the keeper was stopped just before the line impeccably by one of their defenders. Fylde kept attacking up the pitch, from many transfers and crosses via Amy Carter, allowing the team to keep possession and get into the D. It seemed Fylde were unable to get the ball into the back of the net, but across the pitch the team played excellently. After 3 Fylde short corners to no avail, Penrith scored their 4th goal in the 22nd minute. With 3 minutes to go, Natalie Smith scored the last goal of the match. At least ending the match on a high. Final Score 4:2.

Ultimately her strong defence and play-making abilities awarded Victoria Latham Player of the Match.

Brookfield 1 5-0 Fylde 4

Fylde 4 played away at Walton-Le-Dale high school against second in the league Brookfield Ladies. After abandoning our cars in the busy car park we headed for a warm up lead by Jess Egan.

Team tactics and positions sorted, the team started with optimism making some great runs up both wings by Emily Greenwood and Georgia Nicholls to our forwards Fiona Quarmby and Hannah Doyle. However, the first goal came after 15 mins from a skilled Brooks player's reverse lift off the back line straight into goal. This was followed by increasing pressure from Brookfields who passed it round well in the D. Fylde conceded several penalties one of which was converted after 25 mins. Fylde continued to defend well up until half time taking it to 2-0.

The half time team talk delivered by injured Zoe Kirkham focused on more communication, meeting the ball and playing with more grit and determination. Brookfield continued to press using the full width of the pitch scoring again in the 40th minute. Injured Katie Leil meant a straight 11 for much of the second half. Despite the battling efforts of Fylde defenders, Brooks broke through on a further 2 occasions. Although the backs were to the wall the Fylde team remained determined and gave it their all until the final whistle. The team introduced Sophia Murray to chip butties post-match in the Beam & Brycg pub and the chips were certainly worth the wait!

Final score Brookfields 5-0 Fylde. Player of match for her determined defensive efforts Jess Egan.

Fylde 5 2-2 Windermere 1

Fylde were excited to play at home this week against Windermere who were demoted at the end of last season from the league above and have a position high in the table. Fylde were determined to build on last week’s excellent game and go out strong. With Tiana Mosley sunning herself in the south of France, Captain Debbie McClelland had to take up her position in defence.

Fylde made a good start, intercepting and developing some great play up the right between the mother and daughter due of Liz and Melisa Johnson. Fylde were able to make several strong attempts on goal with good passing in the D but couldn’t find the back of the net. Windermere intercepted the ball and their very talented attackers effortlessly moved the ball down the pitch and despite Fylde’s defences best efforts, the old legs of Debbie McClelland couldn't keep up with the young striker and Windermere scored an early goal.

Fylde didn’t let this concern them and Eve Clarkson and Liz Johnson worked hard to keep the opposition in their own half but another break by Windermere found the back of the net and Windermere increased their lead.

At this point (although he didn’t tell us at the time) umpire Andrew Lund thought Fylde were “toast”, he didn’t know that we had fire in our bellies and were not ready to be defeated. Play resumed and both teams were evenly matched, Fylde won a short corner but Liz’s shot on goal was saved. Fylde kept the press high and Soraya Rigby, Liz Johnson and Kayt Coathup connected well in the D and to the crowds delight Kayt scored for Fylde.

Windermere came back at Fylde hard persistently pressing on the Fylde D. Windermere commenced a succession of short corner by finding some Fylde feet. Windermere overloaded the D on all their shorts but Fylde midfield came back quickly. But Dawn Perruza was time and time again fundamental in defeating the efforts of Windermere on the right post.

In the second half Fylde knew what they had to do. Abi Southern pushed high from defence and held play there for Fylde to develop more opportunities on the left. They moved the ball between Jessica Jennings and Rosie Leil well, finding Eve Clarkson to switch into the middle. Windermere defence remained strong and they were able to create attacking play quickly but Fylde defence held and they were unable to make any serious attempts on goal. Fylde midfield moved the ball back to their attack time and time again. Jessica and Rosie were persistent in their pressure on the D with multiple attempts on goal. Fylde’s overload on Windermere finally broke their strong defence down and Eve Clarkson score the second goal and equaliser. Fylde had turned the game around.

This didn’t stop Fylde, they wanted a win. Windermere were trying to attack down the right but Louise Eastham continued to do what she does best breaking down play and feeding it back to Fylde. Despite Fylde dominating the last 10 minutes the final whistle blew with Fylde pressing into the D again.

Outstanding effort by everyone, excellent communication and passing. Unrelenting even when things got difficult. Improving and developing every week. Well done Fylde 5. Final score Fylde 2-2 Windermere. Win as a team lose as a team.

Fylde 6 0-3 Brookfield Development

Fylde 6ths started out on Saturday morning with 11 players, by meet up time they were down to 9! Fortunately, Abi Southern and Melissa Johnson Parker felt they had plenty of energy left from their previous game to stay and assist for which the 6ths were very grateful.

Due to there being no points available in this game, Fylde choose to play with all 11 outfield. This proved a good choice with the very cold November weather so running around was the aim. Once again, Fylde started strong, but found that Brookfield had the same level of enthusiasm and a few very experience players to keep us on our toes.

Lauren Perkin and Abi Southern worked hard to keep the play moving forward in the first half. Fylde found they had several chances to get to the circle but Brookfield but strong to defence and the play would quickly turn over meaning a rush back to support. Brookfield were able to get the ball over the line despite the best efforts of Summer Holroyd and Fran Loffler-Thompson. We had a few short corners, once of which was an excellent strike however the keeper was able to deflect the ball. Following a good run up the pitch to a near empty quarter pitch, Hollie Twose was the subject of a bad tackle from the last defender in front of the goal. She stepped up to take the penalty flick which unfortunately, the experienced keeper was able to save.

The second half brought much of the same back and forth between the quite evenly matched sides. Fylde continued to attack with pace and were more successful in breaking through Brookfield’s defence. We had many more chances on goal but couldn’t seem to get it over the line. As Fylde tired, Brookfield were able to score 2 more towards the end of the game.

Although it was loss, it didn’t feel like it. It was a good, even game with lots of fair play and good sportsmanship.

Kendal 1 5-1 Fylde 1

Fylde were looking to win some much needed points after a bad run of results, but off to the worst of starts and were 2-0 down after 15 minutes. Both from defensive errors, the first in open play and the second at a short corner that resulted from the error. Fylde had plenty of possession, and in particular Adam Ball caused the opposition difficulty with his dribbling down the right wing. Many short corners were won but none were quite put away, with some good saves from Kendal's goalkeeper. The second half saw Fylde score the next goal. Some scrappy play in the D led to Richard Clarke taking a shot on goal, which hit an opposition player's body, but then fell to Steve Whitley to flick over the goalkeeper, who was out of position, into the goal. Whilst Fylde had renewed belief in obtaining a result, it was Kendal who reacted and upped their game, managed to score an opportunistic goal to restore their two goal lead. The last ten minutes of the game saw Fylde pushing for goals, and leaving their defence with too much to do on counter-attacks and two more goals were conceded. The final score was 5-1 to Kendal, in what had been a relatively close game, and Fylde now have a must-win game against fellow strugglers South Lakes next week, in their last game before the Xmas break.


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