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Match Reports 19 Nov 2022

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Fylde 1 0-3 Pendle Forest 1

Fylde Ladies 1s game saw them take on Pendle Forest in a top of the league clash. Both teams came into the game joint top on points, with Pendle just edging ahead with better goal difference. Fylde started off the match on top, dominating possession and threatening Pendle’s 23, but struggling to penetrate the circle or get a shot off on goal. This ended up being a theme for the rest of the game. In the 2nd quarter, against the run of play, Pendle counter attacked well with some good play leading to a tap in at the back post. The 3rd and 4th quarters mirrored the 2nd. Plenty of possession for Fylde but nothing came of it. Pendle on the other hand counter attacked following Fylde mistakes and were clinical in front of goal, to score in both the final quarters. Some amateur dramatics by the Pendle team and questionable decisions by the umpires led to a frustrated Fylde team who were unable to come back with the game finishing 3-0 to Pendle.

Player of the match for Fylde was Lucy Partington for solid defending and great outletting down the left side of the pitch. Fylde ended the day 4th in the league where next Saturday they travel to newly promoted Harrogate for their last game before the Christmas break.

Carlisle 1 1-2 Fylde 2

North West Women's Division 1 | England Hockey Fylde Ladies 2s travelled the long journey north to play Carlisle Ladies 1s. Fylde were hoping to capitalise on their win against Wilmslow the previous week but knew it would be a tough game. There were a few changes to the squad with the 2nds welcoming Molly Green and Megan Coar stepping up from the 3rds, and a debut from Ruby Cosgrove. In the 1st half, Fylde found themselves having most of the possession, with a few chances falling to Megan Coar up front, but Fylde were unable to find the back of the net. Carlisle started to gain in confidence and put Fylde under pressure in the D with goalkeeper Katie Barker having to make some key saves. The score at half time was 0-0. The 2nd half saw Carlisle pressing higher up the pitch and about 10 minutes in, they turned the ball over on their right-hand side to create a 2 v 1 to score and take the lead. Fylde were at times sloppy with possession but continued to work hard. A slick move from Laura Knowles on the left to transfer it to the right through the midfield with the ball finding its way to Megan Coar in the D where she calmly slotted it into the back of the net to make it 1-1. Fylde continued to battle hard with some lovely hockey played on the left from Ruby Cosgrove and Valerie Versterre but still no breakthrough. Carlisle stepped up the pressure again, but with about 5 minutes to go a lovely move from Fylde, involving Molly Green, Sally Livesey, Olivia Merrick and Megan Coar saw Olivia John-Haslam pick the ball up in the D and slot it calmly away to make it 2-1. The final 5 minutes saw a battle in defence with Emily Marsh and EJ Dunkerley making some key tackles. A questionable penalty corner for a back stick interception was given to Carlisle on the final whistle but thankfully they put it wide. The final score was 2-1 to Fylde.

Fylde 3 3-0 Wigton 1

North West Women's Division 2 North | England Hockey Having had a strong start to the league, Wigton felt confident and assured that they could defeat us. However, Fylde fought, battled and pushed forward to gain and regain the ball at every opportunity. Only 3 minutes into the match, we gave away a short corner, this was no trouble for our strong defence - who continuously proved how effective and consistent their plays are. The tackles and pressure applied by Poppy Chester, Lauren Appleyard and Victoria Latham truly exemplified how important teamwork is. When the attacks did get past the defensive line, Fylde still remained calm, and because of some exceptional keeping by Isabelle Slater they did not concede. 10 minutes into the game, Fylde picked up the pace. Initially the sides seemed equally matched but Fylde knew they could be better. In the 24th minute, Grace Tomlinson’s ball carrying was mesmerising - getting the ball past several defenders by twirling gracefully around them. Her speed and quick passing got the ball to Anna Vavaso who scored, great work between the two of them. This brought the score to 1:0. After this Fylde dominated possession, Wigton were helpless, unable to provide successful counterattacks. Also giving away 2 short corners, various skills and strategies were demonstrated here even though they ultimately came to nothing. Fylde maintained their poise and composition all the way to the end of the first half.

While the opposition seemed weak and disheartened, Fylde came back after half time stronger than before. Despite every week having a significantly less experienced and more junior side than the opposition, they show their talent and aggression without apprehension. In the 47th minute of the match, Hannah Callagher scored a fantastic goal, raising the score to 2:0. As the game progressed the team worked more fluidly and confidently - with Jade Mottley and Amy Carter showing great skill near the centre.

Following many attacks by Fylde, Wigton got the ball into the D, getting 3 consecutive short corners. Once again, Fylde's defence were easily capable of tackling and moving the ball up the pitch, special mention to Lauren Appleyard who successfully and indomitably saved the ball from the backline. Many passes by Ariana Milligan and Lucy Bridges, down either side of the pitch, brought Fylde close to goals. This helped the team to maintain possession and strength for the final goal. Grace Tomlinson brought the ball down the left side of the pitch, with a perfectly timed pass to Lali Atherton, who went into the D ready to shoot but played a short pass to Anna Vavaso, to get the ball around the keeper, who tapped it in, her second goal in her first game for Fylde 3’s. This was phenomenal play by the team as a whole, with only 1 minute to go, and ended the game on a high.

Final score 3:0. Player of the match was closely fought this week amongst the defenders and was awarded to Poppy Chester.

Fylde 4 4-0 Leyland & Chorley 1

Fylde Ladies 4’s played at home against Leyland and Chorley 1 at 3:30pm in front of some noisy but very welcome supporters in the stand. One minute applause proceeded the match in respect of Eluned Smith, an opposition player who sadly passed away earlier this week.

Georgia Nicholls and Lily Jones battled well down the left-hand side of the pitch. Fylde’s first goal came from Abbie Warburton quickly followed by a second from Hannah Doyle taking Fylde into half time 2-0 up. Fylde started the second half off with some strong passing throughout the team to maintain possession switching around the back with confidence. Leyland and Chorley made a few breaks through the middle but these were swiftly dealt with by the defence of Jess Egan, Sophia Murray, Lily Jones and Megan Eccles. A ball from the right by Natalie Smith across the goal saw captain Rachel Lees tap it in at the back post taking Fylde to 3-0.

The pressure was off but Fylde continued to press. A solo run from the halfway line by Abbie Warburton to reach the D saw her shot on goal then converted to take Fylde to 4-0. Spirits were high as the game finished. The win has provided some much needed points and taken Fylde 4 from 10th to 8th in the league. Pasta in the clubhouse with the opposition after the match before heading home to rest before going again in the morning!

Player of the match: Abbie Warburton

Fylde 4 0-0 (2-3 pens) Lancaster 2 (Sunday)

Lancashire Cup Fylde Ladies 4s were determined to win the cup game against Lancaster 2’s after a marvellous 4-0 win on Saturday. With the rain coming down heavy and the cold wind the ladies didn’t let this deter them. A few changes to the side for this fixture saw Lauren Appleyard, and her aerials, and Laura Arts join the defence. Fylde came out fighting working well as a team moving the ball beautifully across the pitch. An injury to Natalie Smith saw her leave the field for a short while but she returned, continuing to battle in the centre of midfield alongside Abbie Warburton. The first half went well but the second half even better with the ball being mainly held by Fylde. Lindsey Tait made some wonderful passes from midfield but Fylde were unlucky. Lancaster's defence and goalie were strong and defended the D well which resulted in Fylde not being able to find the back of the net. The game ended 0-0 after 70 minutes. It was a tense wait for the team in the dugout and for the supporters in the stands as the 5 Fylde players and goalkeeper Eva Earnshaw stepped up to face the penalty strokes. The ladies fought hard but unfortunately lost the game 2-3 on penalties. This was not a reflection of the amazing hockey that was played by the team. Good luck to Lancaster who progress to the next round of the Cup v Southport. Player of the match Sophia Murray

Clitheroe Blackburn Northern 3 2-0 Fylde 5

Fylde's 5XI team played away against Clitheroe and Blackburn 3XI. Fylde started off strong however Clitheroe and Blackburn gained possession and had a strike on goal, fantastically saved by Sophie Slawson on her debut match its 5th team. This led to Lola Huyton sending the ball on to Charlotte Lavin who had an unlucky shot on goal. Clitheroe drove up the pitch and despite the best efforts of the Fylde defence, went on to score a goal. Once again Fylde gained possession allowing Jessica Jennings to make a great run down the side line but unfortunately Clitheroe intercepted her on the back line and went on to score a second goal. As the game went on Fylde had many more shots on goal, saved by Clitheroe keeper. As half time approached defender, Tiana Moseley made some great tackles sending the ball on to Elizabeth Johnson who worked closely with Debbie McClelland making opportunities for Fylde. Fylde returned to the pitch after half time stronger than ever, with fire in their bellies and straight away drove the ball down the pitch with 2 narrowly missed shots on goal. Unfortunately, Clitheroe gained possession, but this was short lived as Abbie Southern intercepted, sending the ball to Soraya Rigby who drove the ball into Clitheroe's D where there was an unlucky attempt on goal by Debbie McClelland.

Clitheroe attempted to break through which was quickly shut down by Dawn Perruzza who sent a hard ball to Nikki Richmond. Clitheroe gave away a short corner, Charlotte Lavin took the first strike but was unfortunately disallowed as it was lifted. Fylde didn't lose spirit and battled on with Eve Clarkson remaining a dominant force in the midfield till the final whistle was blown. Everyone on the team should be immensely proud of their efforts throughout the whole game, they really played as a team. Sometimes you don’t need a win to feel like winners. Final score Clithero and Blackburn 3Xl 2- 0 Fylde 5 XI. Win as a team, lose as a team!

Fylde 1 1-2 Garstang 1

This week’s opponents to Mill Farm were Garstang , boasting many ex-Fylde players in their rank, 2 sets of brothers on opposite teams, this was always going to be a tight feisty affair.

Fylde started well, a glorious chance worked for Phil Hope went begging, before on 9 minutes when Adam Ball, who actually managed to stay on his feet for more than 5 seconds, played an inch perfect pass into the stride of the marauding Jay Currey and the captain didn’t disappoint, smashing the ball home, 1-0.

Garstang worked their way back into the game, snapping into every tackle, earning themselves a couple of short corners, the second finding its way past all the defenders 1-1, neither team could forge an advantage before the interval.

The second half saw both teams probing each other’s defence, Fylde's constant rotations not being able to find a steady rhythm, Garstang's indiscipline saw them down to 9 at one stage, but it was them, taking advantage of another penalty corner to make it 1-2.

Fylde pushed and pushed, Sam Goudie working tirelessly for his team, the home side won numerous short corners, going through several routines with little effect, the last play being a short, with all white shirts around the D, but none able to get a finishing touch and the game finishing in a 1-2 defeat.

MoM - Jay Currey

Busy Fool - Adam Ball

Brookfield 1 3-1 Fylde 2

Fylde Men's 2’s expected a tough game away to a Brookfield side sitting 2nd in the table. With Fylde starting slowly, it was Brookfield who took an early lead, a cross from the left wing being converted at the far post.

The remainder of the first half was fairly even with Fylde starting to build some cohesion in the midfield and attack which led to a number of short corners which unfortunately were not able to be converted. At the other end Brookfield remained a threat, coming close on several occasions. The second half continued in a similar vein with both teams creating chances. It was Fylde who scored the next goal, Richard Clarke chasing down a rebound and firing into the corner of the goal to level the scores.

Parity wasn’t to last long however, as 5 minutes later a Brookfield player picked the ball up on the edge of the D and struck the ball into the bottom corner.

The game started to open up with both teams tiring, Fylde pushing forwards in search of an equaliser and Brookfield still looking dangerous on the counter. It was one of these counters that led to a last-minute short corner which was converted making the final score 3-1 to Brookfield. Fylde’s Man of the Match was Richard Clarke for his tireless work in midfield.


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