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Match Reports 12 Nov 2022

Both Ladies 1's & 2's win tight matches and are up to 2nd place in each of their leagues.

Timperley 1 1-2 Fylde 1

Vitality Women's Conference North

After last week's defeat away to Wakefield, Fylde were back to full strength, minus injured centre forward Hannah Cook. A 4pm push back away at Timperley meant there were plenty of opposition supporters watching the game under the flood lights. Fylde completely dominated the first half but weren't clinical enough and couldn't convert any chances into goals. Timperley took the lead early in the 3rd quarter with a drag flick from a penalty corner which deflected off a Fylde leg into the top of the net, leaving keeper Anya Jackson with little chance of saving it. Fylde were chasing the game and despite several penalty corners still couldn't find the back of the net. Late in the 4th quarter, a high right to left transfer opened up a gap for a penetrating ball into the circle from left back Lucy Partington, which found Amy Merrick at the back post for a tap on. Fylde continued to push for the win right up until the last minute, winning another penalty corner in the last few seconds of the game. It was converted from the top by Lucy Woods, returning Fylde to winning ways and setting up next week's home game as a top of the table clash against Pendle Forrest. Player of the match went to captain Vicky Rukin for her strength and energy in the middle of the pitch.

Fylde 2 2-0 Wilmslow 1

North West Women's Division 1 Fylde started off quickly and were the stronger team with some great passing between the midfielders Laura Knowles, Lisa Perry, Jayne Wilson, Valerie Versterre and Jessica Addy. However, Wilmslow's defence was strong and managed to stop passes to the forwards, who were darting in and out of the defenders. With some close chances just before the whistle, the half time score was 0-0. After an inspiring talk from coach Lisa Brown, Fylde started the second half even stronger than the first half. Within the first ten minutes, a great goal came from Hannah Callagher from a 1v1 with the goalie. Wilmslow came back strong, wanting to equalise, but strong defence from EJ Dunkerly, Olivia Merrick, Emily Marsh and Beth Ridsdale didn’t allow this. A quick break and some textbook passing from Dawn Child gave Hannah Callagher another chance on goal. A great shot secured the goal and the score came to 2-0 with only 15 minutes left. Wilmslow came back even stronger, desperate to bring back the score. Their tenacity allowed a shot on target, which was saved by Katie Barker who also made some lovely clearances. At the other end of the pitch Amelia Hatton and Emma Savage kept up the hard work and managed to get several more chances on goal. In the end Fylde’s tenacity and grit allowed the score to be kept at 2-0 until the final whistle blew, and were kept motivated by the jubilant celebrations from Lisa Brown.

Lancaster & Morecambe 1 1-0 Fylde 3

North West Women's Division 2 North Saturday’s game proved a challenge for Fylde 3’s both mentally and physically. With the opposition having equal points in the league, Fylde knew they were a strong side. With several players out with injury or illness, Fylde didn’t let this deter them and fought for the ball at every chance they got. In the first 5 minutes of the match Fylde seemed almost apprehensive with their aggression, whilst they had the ball using their speed and skill to move the ball around the opposition. After this Fylde dominated with power and composition, rarely allowing Lancaster to get into Fylde's defensive D. Some great play down the right-hand side by Victoria Latham and Kirtika Saravanan, got the ball to Lali Atherton in the D where many crosses took place. Although Fylde had several very close attempts Lancaster and Morecambe's defence proved too effective. By the end of the first half the score remained 0:0, both sides eager to get a goal in. As the match continued, Fylde found themselves increasingly frustrated by the decision making on the pitch, however this didn’t affect the team, if anything this made them strive even more for the ball. The game progressed and Fylde became more and more fluid and efficient with their passes, it was clear they should have been winning at that point. Despite this, and despite some excellent saves by Felicity Flood, Lancaster and Morecambe scored a lucky goal from the ball dribbling across the goal line, barely reaching the backboard, at this point there were only 10 players on the pitch as Becky Evans had been given a green card for disagreements with the umpires. With only 14 minutes to go, Fylde heavily upped their game play. As with every match, they were determined to win, a tactical and effective choice was made by Martin Stringfellow to change the team positionally, by removing a defender and adding an extra forward. This allowed Fylde to get the ball into the final quarter and keep it there for the majority of the rest of the match. With just over a minute left Fylde had a final chance to score the equalising goal, in a short corner. Frankie Margerison received the ball at left slip and shot the ball powerfully, an astonishing goal. Having been initially called as a goal, the team were overjoyed, until upon discussion between the umpires the decision was made that the ball hadn’t left the D therefore was not a goal. While many of the team on the edge of the D believed it to have been a goal, this ended the game with a score of 1:0. It was an incredibly disappointing and exasperating end to a tight match. Player of the Match: Victoria Latham

Clitheroe Blackburn Northern 2 2-2 Fylde 4 (Saturday)

North West Women's Division 3 North (Central) On what turned out to be a glorious day of sunshine and the birthdays of Fiona Quarmby and Katie Leil, Fylde 4s took on Clitheroe and Blackburn 2nd team. The game started very evenly matched with some good passes and skilful hockey being played. After several minutes of the ball hitting Fylde's defence, they eventually slotted it to Abbie Warburton who found the back of the goal. Despite the tireless efforts of Beth Wolstenholme, Megan Eccles, Lindsey Tait and Sophia Murray, Clitheroe got two goals back. Nevertheless, Fylde carried on although tensions were running high for Beth Wolstenholme and Fiona Quarmby after gaining a green card each. Whilst on the pitch Fran Loffler-Thompson was making excellent saves which lead her into some gymnastic inspired positions, bouncing back up from every one of them. Fylde 4s never gave up and gained a short corner which saw a hit taken by Lindsey Tait to be deflected into goal by player of the match Abbie Warburton. A frustrating game but much needed 1 point gained, final result 2-2.

Lancaster Nomads 1 1-0 Fylde 4 (Sunday)

North West Women's Division 3 North (Central) Sunday saw Fylde 4’s travel to Lancs Uni to play a rearranged match against Lancaster Nomads. Following two minutes silence, the match got underway. Both experienced teams battled for the duration of the match. Despite some good breaks Fylde 4’s couldn’t put the goal in the back of the net. Final result 1-0 defeat. The double header, average age of the team, and heat meant that there were some very tired legs! Player of match Eva Earnshaw. Despite the defeat we went to the pub for pints of shandy and pizza!

Fylde 5 1-3 Longridge 2

North West Women's Division 4 North (Central) Ladies 5s faced an unbeaten Longridge 2s at home on Saturday. Longridge came out strong and managed to bag an early goal, but Fylde remained determined. Some great runs by Jessica Jennings, Eve Clarkson and Kelly Wisemen in the midfield provided some great balls up to forwards Liz Johnson and Soraya Rigby but Longridge’s tight man marking in the D left them unable to find the back of the net. Some great opportunities were created by Lucy Whiteside, Louise Eastham up front, but Longridge’s determined goalkeeper left them unable to find the back of the net. A relentless Longridge were always there for the counter, but Fylde remained strong with fire in their bellies, and some great clearances by Dawn Perruzza alongside Abigail Sothern successfully holding off Longridge down the left kept the score line down. A clearance from the back by Abigail Southern, picked up by Debbie McClelland and a great pass through to Liz Johnson allowed Charlotte Lavin finally find the back of the net with a big strike. Despite Fylde giving everything they had, the final score remained Fylde 1-3 Longridge. Win as a team, lose as a team.

Clitheroe Blackburn N. Development 0-3 Fylde 6

North West Women's Division 5 North (Central)

Ladies 6th team played with a straight 11 at Westholme this week.

Fylde started strong in the first half with several attacks down the right hand side. Eventually Hollie Twose found the goal and went into half time 1-0 up.

Clitheroe and Blackburn came into the second half with a more determined effort which saw Summer Holroyd and Lauren Perkin step up to defend well and continue to feed the ball back up the pitch to the mids. Despite a number of short corners, Fylde struggled to benefit from the advantage.

As the final 15 minutes approach, Fylde started to feel the lack of a substitute player and fought hard to keep the attack going. This paid off in the form of two goals in quick succession from Sophia Murray and Rosie Leil. The final score was 3-0 to Fylde.

Lancaster & Morecambe 1 3-1 Fylde 1

North West Men's Division 3 North Fylde Men's first team took to the road for what seemed like the first time in an eternity, after 3 home games and 2 free weeks, a visit to Lancaster and Morecambe at the University of Cumbria. Changes in personnel and a late drop out meant just 12 men this week, the team took to the pitch with eleven and one on their way, making things harder for themselves. Before the cavalry arrived, Fylde lost possession and were a goal down. Things got worse, giving the ball away once more, along with the striker's shot being outside the D, 2-0 all of their own making. A rally cry was sounded, Fylde matched the opposition and competed with an over exuberant side, on another day, with stronger umpiring, it could have been so much different. The second half saw the visiting team play all the hockey, unable to capitalise on many short corners, it was Steve Whitley who pounced on a bouncing ball to get a goal back, the comeback was on, now it was Bertie Jones, making his 1st team debut, to show all just what a promising young talent he is, not quite turned 14 years old and running rings around experienced hockey players, a debut to remember.

The second goal wouldn’t come, then with players committed forward, a defence caught in possession, almost saved the day, but conceded a penalty flick while trying to scramble the ball away. Too near the end and time just ran out, a brilliant shift put in by everyone, can’t help think the players deserved something from the game.

Fylde 2 1-7 Preston 5

North West Men's Division 4 North Fylde Mens 2’s expected a tough close game against Preston 5’s, both having similar results this season and having played them three times last season. Whilst the possession during the game was even, the score line ultimately was far from it. Fylde had a major blow early on when captain for the day Ollie Holmes went down when turning near the opposition D, and was in clear pain with his ankle, had to be helped off the pitch and then transported to A&E who diagnosed a double fracture of the fibula and now has his leg in a cast. Luckily Fylde had 3 subs, including a rare appearance for Martin Stringfellow, who slotted into the vacant centre back position. Despite plenty of possession and attacks from Fylde it was Preston who took the lead and scored three times in the first half. Fylde felt they were still in the game at half-time but needed to show a bit more energy. Unfortunately, Preston scored the next goal from a very well executed reverse stick strike, and Fylde started to push higher up the pitch in search of a goal of their own. James Smith made a fabulous run down the middle of the pitch, passed to Angus Chandler in the D, who kept possession away from the defenders around him, and managed to squeeze the ball through to Jay Mayne who flicked the ball over the keeper into the side netting for a goal. Fylde pressed higher up the pitch in search of more goals, whilst Preston kept their dual strikers high up the pitch, behind the Fylde defence, and this led to a further 3 goals conceded. Whilst Fylde went close, and had several short corners, it wasn’t their day and didn’t manage to score more than the single goal. A 7-1 home loss, which wasn’t a fair reflection of the game, but Fylde must take some lessons from it.


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