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Latest COVID Guidance for Hockey

The latest guidance has been updated by England Hockey in relation as to how we deal with COVID moving into the new season. The good news is that the restrictions and requirements we have had on the sport over the past 16 months are over.....(for now).

England Hockey have said the following:

  1. There are no legal gathering limits - There is no longer a restriction on the number of people that can meet to participate in, or spectate, hockey in either an outdoors or indoors venue.

  2. No social distancing - there is no longer a requirement to keep two meters (or one metre plus) distance from anyone outside of your household group. This removes restrictions on changing rooms, clubhouses, hospitality and domestic travel.

How does this impact you moving forward:

  1. Players can travel in cars with their players to away fixtures.

  2. You will not be required to sign in using the Teamo app at Mill Farm, but you will still be required to go through the FSEC entrance and use your card/ QR code to enter the pitch.

  3. Changing rooms will be available for home and away teams after fixtures.

  4. Spectators will be allowed to enter the stands once more, again access for this will be through the FSEC entrance using the card/ QR code.

  5. The bar will be reopening for the new season, and we encourage everyone to use this to socialise with fellow hockey people, something we have all missed!!

Whilst it is fantastic news that these restrictions have been lifted, we are obviously acutely aware that we are not living in a world where COVID no longer exists. We do ask that everyone act with care and consideration whilst at any Fylde HC event, recognising that people will have different degrees of anxiety or boundaries on personal space!

The link to see the full details of the guidance please follow the link below:


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