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Ladies & Mens Match Reports 29 Jan 2022

Fylde 2 (F) 1 - 1 Didsbury Northern 2 (F)

North West Women's Division 1

We were at home on a windy day, We were ready to host our hockey and play, A few squad changes had taken place, All in it to win the mighty race! A fast aggressive game from start to end, Precision with passes before they send, Pass to pass, we linked some play, Trying to play our Fylde way. We settled and Emma, Chelsea, Layla and Olivia were determined to get in the D, We wanted to win not by 1 but by 3, They did keep the tempo and were on us quickly, Some major runs were made by midfield which were very slickly. A solid defence transferred the ball round, Some great calls from Dawn, Jayne, Sally and KB, Oh we fought up and further to get in the D, Boom a short and a strike from EJ - an ace goal it was to see! Didsbury battled back and tried to add the pressure, We were focussed, strong and playing for leisure, Didsbury found a way in but everyone marked them tight, She powered it through on its own little flight. Onto next week we are ready to go, Taking our chances as we flow, Team together as one from head to toe, Let’s give it our best shot and up the table we go!

Preston 1 (F) 5 - 1 Fylde 3 (F)

North West Women's Division 2 North

From the starting whistle Preston piled on the pressure, forgetting the conventional first pass back Preston drove forward and were quickly fighting to get into Fylde’s defensive D. The ball was cleared back up the field by Georgie Hampson to forward Megan Coar, another pass across the D left Frankie Magerison with an open goal but unfortunately could not convert the goal. With Preston now back in possession they were committed to keeping it, they expertly switched the ball across the pitch and drove with pace down the wings. Despite Fylde’s efforts the defence was not able to dispossess Preston for long and they were continually pressing the D looking for a penalty corner after penalty corner. This continued for much of the first half with it ending 2-0 and both goals coming from penalty corners. The second half Fylde started with possession and made good progress, making attacking runs into the D. One such passage of play led to a good cross from forward Megan Coar to Lisa Perry which was calmly slotted it. Similarly to the first half, Preston attacked in numbers and had well executed set pieces. They were always looking for interceptions to break Fylde’s possessions and made many loose or 50-50 balls there’s. Again they repeatedly had short corners through the second half and converted three more, end score 5-1. Player of the match : Lisa Perry

Garstang 2 (F) 4 - 1 Fylde 4 (F)

North West Women's Division 3 North (Central)

Fylde's very young team took too long to get to grips with their more experienced and pacey opponents finding themselves 3 goals down after only 15 minutes. To Fylde's credit they reached half time with the same deficit and grabbed a goal of their own through player of the match Natalie Smith. The second half was an even contest with neither side able to score. Hannah Metcalfe enjoyed an excellent debut in midfield and Fylde will learn that they must start better if they are to get results at this level.

Fylde 5 (F) 1 - 0 Clitheroe Blackburn Northern 3 (F)

North West Women's Division 4 North (Central)

This week the Ladies 5th Xl played Blackburn and Clitheroe 3rd team at their home ground at Mill Farm.

Everything was falling into place for Fylde as they arrived on the pitch after the pre-match talk, ready for a win. Play was strong and positioning was excellent moving into the game, Fylde looked strong. Tragedy struck when Debbie McClelland (captain) was defending the D and the ball deflected high off her stick. The opposition raised their stick for protection sending the ball straight into Debbie’s head. This setback didn’t stop Fylde, they restructured the players and played on. 15 minutes into the first half and a short corner was given to Fylde, Georgia Nicholls injected the ball to the top D for Jess Egan to receive. Jess hit the ball to Georgia who had moved to the post connecting it to the back board and that was the first goal of the game. Fylde continued with excellent press throughout the match setting up every time making it extremely hard for Blackburn to get through and every single player on the team worked so hard to push for the win they so deserved and wanted. Second half score 1-0 to Fylde they came back still with the fire burning in their bellies, while Blackburn and Clitheroe came back fighting and attacking Fylde stayed strong and moved play back to attack. With many attempts on goal unfortunately Fylde just struggled to find the back of the net but this didn’t stop them trying, they kept pushing till the end where the final score was 1-0 to Fylde. Fylde Ladies 5th Xl are proud to be this week's only win for the club. With debut matches for Katie Leil, Laura Arts and Liz Johnson. Win as a team lose as a team.

Clitheroe Blackburn Northern 4 (F) 1 - 0 Fylde 6 (F)

North West Women's Division 5 North (Central) Fylde Ladies 6th team travelled to Clitheroe and Blackburn Northern 4s home pitch for a late game. Fylde, fielding just eleven players, came out fighting from the start and dominated the pitch. With a team rich with defenders, Hollie Twose and Heather Appleyard moved from defence to play right and left forwards and with amazing strength from Liddy Eccles and Hannah Culshaw running the wings, were able to receive the ball in the attacking D but couldn't quite get past the very experienced opposition goalie. An excellent shot from Sophie Waring did find the back of the net but unfortunately the umpire felt the shot had come from outside the D and a hit out for the opposition was awarded. From the back, Fran Loffler-Thompson stepped up again to go in goals and Megan Eccles, Tiana Moseley and Eve Clarkson put up a strong wall, preventing the opposition much opportunity to goal and Nikki Richmond and Evie Finnegan kept the midfield in check bringing the first half to an end with no goals. A quick half time talk saw the team return to the field and continue their attacks. A few defensive short corners against Fylde were quickly cleared, unfortunately, the Clitheroe and Blackburn Northern keeper deftly managed to clear the shorts too. Towards the end of the game, a lucky break saw the opposition break through Fylde's back line and a two on one against Fran saw a lucky goal for the opposition just 15 minutes from the final whistle. Fylde fought hard, winning a couple more short corners but just couldn't find the equaliser, final score Clitheroe and Blackburn Northern 1 - 0 Fylde. Special mention goes to Hannah Culshaw on her excellent and energetic debut match for Fylde.

Timperley 2 (M) 8 - 1 Fylde (M)

North West Men's Division 1

This week the Men's 1s travelled to season-long table-topping side Timperley, with an impeccable record of 12 games played, 12 wins and 75 goals scored it was always going to be a tough game. The game started well with The Coasters putting the game plan into effect early in the game, breaking and attacking fast, the opposition's defence coming away with the ball each time to Fylde's disappointment. It wasn't long until Timperely showed why they are running away with the League and a shot from just right of top D found its way into the top corner, nothing the keeper could have done to keep that one out. Timperley, now with confidence started to control the game and a ball finding it's way through the Fylde defence meant Danny Taylor was left 2 on 1 and the game, now 2-0 to the home side, started to slip away. Fylde found some form 10 minutes from time and managed to keep Timperely attacks to a minimum, defending well with the press working well. It wasn't enough thought to keep the home side away who found themselves 3-0 up just before half-time. Fylde did manage to break away and some good movement at the top of the D found Jon Woodhouse break through the home side's defence, drilling the ball in to the bottom corner on his reverse. 3-1 at the break and still a way for the visiting side to get back into the game. The second half was not to be what Fylde envisaged, with the home side cranking through the gears and working the Fylde midfield hard. Overload after overload came and The Coasters starting to breakdown. Final score ended 8-1 to the home side and the league surely theirs to lose now. Fylde coming away with nothing but a hard game but some positives to take from such a hard game.

Fylde 2 (M) 0 - 16 Lancaster University 1 (M)

North West Men's Division 3 North

Fylde new Men's 2s came up against a Lancaster University side who not only brought subs, but also appeared not to be terribly hungover, a flagrant breach of all that is holy in hockey. Two teams at different ends of the table (or different sides if you look at it sideways, then who knows who is the best?) duelling for the spoils.

Five minutes in and Lancaster had achieved a paltry 3-0 lead which was never going to be enough given Fylde's persistent thrusts just over the half way line. Lancaster were clearly rattled, but managed to hold themselves together and were fortunate to score another thirteen goals.

Lancaster departed licking their wounds, Fylde will build and go on from strength to strength. Project Zeus is up and running, and clearly working too. It's often said that you don't learn much when things go well, but the corollary appears to be useless too. Fylde didn't learn much here, except for perhaps being inherently much, much, much better players. Also less old and less slow. It's a work in progress, but gives the coaching staff plenty to think about.

Fylde 3 (M) 0 - 2 Preston 5 (M)

North West Men's Division 4 North After a loss and a win against Preston 5’s already this season, Fylde Men’s 3’s were expecting another close match and so it turned out. Fylde lost influential midfielder Harry Marsh early on with a hand injury, but had several substitutes, and were able to give Bertie Jones his senior debut following his 13th birthday last month.

Ollie Greenwood made some probing runs from right back, down the wing, linking up with Dan Howe and Luke Hitchin-Hope in attack who won several short corners, although Fylde weren’t able to convert from any of them.

Preston equally had several attacks and won some short corners, but even with the danger of a couple of drag flicks, Luke Whitelow kept the ball away from his goal. The half ended 0-0, but Preston shuffled their formation and after the break forced more pressure on Fylde and were able to score two relatively quick goals.

Fylde battled back, and had several promising moves, with Bertie Jones gaining in confidence on the right wing, linking well with Angus Chandler and Ollie Greenwood. Unfortunately they couldn’t break through with the final result a 2-0 loss. Bertie Jones was voted man of the match, and has great potential for the future.


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