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Ladies & Mens Match Reports 12 Mar 2022

Neston 1 (F) 2 - 4 Fylde 1 (F)

Vitality Women's Conference North Report to follow.

Scorers: Tineka Jennings (2), Hannah Cook, Flor Zappulla

Fylde 2 (F) 1 - 0 Alderley Edge 2 (F)

North West Women's Division 1 Well what a fantastic start! We were fired up and raring to go, The sun was beaming and no one was on slow mo! Eager to start and passing well, Hockey intelligence demonstrated and tactics not to tell, We stuck tight as a unit and attacked with pace, A great ball through from Olivia JH to Katie S who hit it in, started the race! What a goal! The crowd roared and cheered you could hear, Some were so delighted, they may have shed a tear! AH came back fighting, challenged with good tackles and trying to go through the middle line, We knew we had attacking and defending to do and loads of time! Katie B was amazing in goal, Save after save, from heart to soul, They attacked and were knocked back down, Player after player were annoyed and couldn’t stop the frown! A flick was given and the player stood still, All went quiet, as we were winning 1-0, The player pushed it wide, Despite it being covered as our KB tried! The game was a battle, strong tackles and movement through, The midfield worked us up and trying to make it two, Fantastic work from Sally, Molly, Emily, EJ and Kel at the back, Defending for their lives as one solid pack! The organised press from Dawn’s leadership was crucial at the top, A continued team effort secured the win and included a cartwheel celebration from Sally in the game, Another win and climbing the table, we go again next week, all the same.

Ulverston 1 (F) 2 - 3 Fylde 3 (F)

North West Women's Division 2 North Report to follow.

Scorers: Lali Atherton, Katie Tinsley, Lucia Stefani

Longridge 2 (F) 2 - 4 Fylde 4 (F)

North West Women's Division 3 North (Central) Report to follow.

Scorers: Hannah Metcalf (3), Grace Tomlinson

Lancaster & Morecambe 2 (F) 0 - 1 Fylde 5 (F)

North West Women's Division 4 North (Central) Fylde Ladies 5th Xl arrived in sunny Lancaster for their first away game since Christmas against Lancaster and Morecambe 2nd Xl. With the wonderful Louise Eastham back in action and everyone in the correct coloured socks we were gunning for a win from the start. Fran Loffler-Thompson had predicted a win and since she was in goal the pressure was on. The team were from the start positioned well and linking passes with ease showing the value of good communication. Lancaster and Morecambe also made some great play and this set the tone for much of the match. Jess Egan was a force to be reckoned with intercepting anything the opposition tried to send down the middle. Dawn Perruza, Summer Holyrod and Megan Eccles supported her and Lancaster and Morecambe were only able to penetrate the D on a handful of occasions. One occasion left Fran 1:1 with an attacker but she made the right move and saved with experience the only really threatening shot of the match. Midfield found Emma Huggon, Liz Johnson, Kelly Wiseman and Katie Leil repeatedly winning the ball to move Fylde into an attacking position but despite numerous runs up the right by Abbie Warbuton and several good hits into the D by Debbie McClelland Fylde just didn’t seem to be able to find the back of the net. Attacking up the left was leaving Fylde open to counter attacks by Lancaster and Morecambe if they gained possession. Despite continued persistent efforts Fylde looked like they would walk away with a draw. Soraya Rigby called 2 minutes, Fylde’s Captain called for the team to get some fire in their bellies. Finally the team put into action what they had done in training. Katie received the ball in the D, passes it to Emma, Soraya saw Debbie positioned on left post let the ball through to Debbie and with the goalie facing away from Debbie she put the ball into an open goal with only a minute to go. As the team reset for opposition push back, Debbie was thinking that Fran must have been psychic because they had also been doing some time-wasting tactics at training just this week. Abbie Warbuton got possession and the team yelled for her to “get in the corner” they then realised Abbie hadn’t been at training but she did as she was told held the ball until the final whistle blew. A nail biting and well fought match by the amazing 5th team squad. Final score Lancaster and Morecambe 2nd Xl 0-1 Fylde 5th Xl. As always we win as a team lose as a team.

Fylde 6 (F) 0 - 8 Chorley Phoenix 2 (F)

North West Women's Division 5 North (Central) Fylde Ladies 6th team faced Chorley Phoenix 2s at home for their penultimate match of the season. A delay getting on to the pitch left little time to warm up and Chorley Phoenix were quick to start their attack. Fylde's defensive line worked hard and repeatedly cleared their balls from the D until a lucky ball was slipped in past novice goal keeper Heather Appleyard. At the reset, Chorley Phoenix very quickly stopped the Fylde advance and gained possession, managing to find the back of Fylde's net a further 3 times in the first half. Fylde went back out undeterred and continued to work hard. Eve Clarkson dropped to the back line to allow Hollie Twose and Laura Arts to fill the half positions with both making some good runs to forwards Hollie Whiteside and Sam Derbyshire and Sophie Waring feeding a great ball into our attacking D but sadly, we were unable to convert this to a goal. Nikki Richmond, who captained for the day, worked hard in the midfield with Molly Anderson, and Lola Huyton and Evie Finnegan distributed the ball out to the sides. Within the defensive D, Tiana remained solid, clearing ball after ball. An unfortunate lifted ball from the keeper sadly took out Eve Clarkson, but being tough, she was back on the pitch to help the defence! A tough game for Fylde Ladies 6th team but amazing team spirit helped the team drastically reduce what could have been a much larger goal line. Final score Fylde Ladies 6s 0 - 8 Chorley Phoenix 2s. Special mention goes to Lola Huyton on her first senior match.

Keswick 1 (M) 10 - 0 Fylde (M)

North West Men's Division 1 This week saw the Men's 1s travel to Cockermouth to play 2nd place Keswick.

A make shift side with 9 regulars unavailable for the 200 mile round trip, no hints needed to understand why so many were unavailable. Availability from the rest of the club wasn't an issue this week, some 2s players were happy to step up, knowing a night out in Keswick is what greeted them post game!

Keswick started quick and managed to get an early goal to settle any nerves they may have had, 9 more followed, with the Men's 1s now looking more like the Men's 2s in recent weeks and seem to have entered a competion for most goals conceded!

Not the result we wanted but always a nice trip to the Lake District.

Fylde 2 (M) 0 - 6 Wigton 1 (M)

North West Men's Division 3 North Before the match report starts a public service announcement: “We’d like to remind all readers that MC Tilley’s masterclass for the last match report is an exception to reporting standards and normal service has been resumed”. Fylde were coming off a week's break looking to use recharged batteries against mid table side Wigton 1’s. The match started with blue skies and sunshine, and for the first 20 minutes it seemed it could be a good day at the office for Fylde, with some good play from the home side. A quick Fylde counter attack saw Wigton concede a penalty corner within the first 5 minutes. Unfortunately Simon Allen’s shot was saved and the first real chance of the game scuppered. However, the blue skies didn’t last long for Fylde and a series of 4 penalty corners saw two quick goals for the travelling side. The first, a well rehearsed routine with a transfer to left slip, and the second, a strike from the top of the D. An injection of youth from the bench saw Oliver Adewale and Luke Hitchen have some great connecting play with Adam Bate up top but Wigton finished the half strong and a goal from open play saw the home side down by three goals in time for the whistle. The second half saw Fylde return to their starting 11. Fylde started off strong again, with cut throat defending from Connor McClelland and Craig Tilley in the full back positions and some vital saves coming for the Fylde man between the sticks, Craig Nutter. But yet again Wigton dug in their heels and a barrage of attacks only meant one thing for Fylde; penalty corner after penalty corner. The rehearsed sequences of misfortunate events (for Fylde at least) made yet another appearance leaving Fylde 5-0 down with 15 minutes to go. Surging runs from Kristian Brandwood on the right hand side put youngster Oliver Adewale deep into the Wigton half. Unfortunately the home side just weren’t clinical enough in front of goal and a quick turn of play meant Fylde were back pedalling to see a sixth and final goal conceded from a well struck ball to be deflected only yards out of Nutter's net, giving him no chance of a save. Back to the training ground for Fylde, for practise on short corners at both ends of the pitch. Some promising performances to note but unfortunately still not enough for any points.

Lancaster & Morecambe 2 (M) - Walkover - Fylde 3 (M)

North West Men's Division 4 North

Unfortunately, Fylde Men's 3's had to concede their away match to Lancaster & Morecambe 2's due to a lack of available players across the whole of the Men's section.


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