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Hierarchy Changes

Tom Davidson appointed Club Management Committee Chairman, Bill Denison steps down from Board of Directors

Tom Davidson - Incoming Chairman

I am pleased to announce that Tom Davidson, has now taken over from me as Chairman of the Fylde Hockey Club Management Committee. Tom was recently appointed a director of Fylde Hockey Club Limited and as vice chairman of the Management Committee. Tom has been a regular 1st team player for over 10 years, having joined us when studying at UCLAN to be a Paramedic. Tom now lectures in Paramedics at the University of Cumbria, which is very useful as he now looks after running 1st aid courses for our coaches and captains. Tom is also a qualified level 2 coach and coached our men's teams for a couple of years. One of my remits as Chairman was to plan the succession of management posts, and I believe that in Tom we have made a great choice and that he will excel in his new role. I hope you will give Tom the great support I have always had. I will remain as a director for the time being.

Bill Denison - Outgoing Director

By contrast, I am sorry, but not surprised, that Bill Denison has retired as Secretary of Fylde Hockey Club, and resigned as a director of Fylde Hockey Club Limited. Bill has always kept a fairly low profile, so I imagine that some of you will not be aware who he is. Bill's association with the club was via his daughter Hannah, who played for Springfields, and he was brought onto the committee fairly quickly when it was realised that his business knowledge could be useful to us. Bill has played a critical role in the past few years. It was Bill who suggested and implemented the move from Springfields being a private members club to a company limited by guarantee. When he heard of the proposed development of Mill Farm Sports Village, Bill took the lead role in negotiations with the owner David Haythornthwaite to ensure that it was our club that got the benefit. He has been the main driving force in the planning and implementation work that eventually resulted in our name change to Fylde Hockey Club, and the build of our great new pitch, grandstand and clubhouse. Last season, Bill spent many hours liaising with the builders, ensuring that the diesel generator originally used to power our floodlights was kept in fuel, putting flooring in our storage area beneath the grandstand, and generally being our handyman.

Bill also worked hard to generate funds by obtaining sponsorship from Greenfields, Bowkers, KGS, AKS, and Rossall. Since Hannah left for university a few years ago, Bill's intention was always to see us safely through completion of the Mill Farm move, have his first pint on the balcony overlooking the pitch and then gracefully enjoy his retirement. That time has now come. Bill has however promised to help us out when needed with company matters, budgeting, and cash flow forecasting.

Many thanks Bill for all you have done.

Chris Hills

Outgoing Chairman - Fylde HC Director



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