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Match Reports 7 Jan 2023

Fylde 2 6-1 Clitheroe Blackburn Northern 1

North West Women's Division 1 | England Hockey

On Saturday Fylde Ladies 2s played Clitheroe Blackburn Northern 1s. The game started off with a bit of a slow start, which allowed Clitheroe and Blackburn to link their passes nicely. However with time we started to slowly settle in to our play, which allowed the forwards to have a few shots on goal and eventually leading to a great touch in by Frankie Margerison making it 1-0. Shortly after was followed by another great goal scored by Chelsea Atkinson. We continued to work hard, meeting the ball and with great passes from the midfield to forwards we put great pressure on Clitheroe and Blackburn's defence, and Olivia Merrick ran the ball round the back line to slip across to Frankie Margerison who scored another fantastic touch in. Continuing with great effort from both forwards and mids we continued to move the ball well. At half time we had an encouraging team talk which gave us another boost in the second half. With Clitheroe and Blackburn wanting to come back from the first half they started off with fight, but keeping calm and carrying on working well between linking passes and applying pressure came a goal from Emma Savidge who took on a 1v1 with the keeper. Being wary that Clitheroe and Blackburn were keeping a player higher and trying for the breakthrough balls the defence worked well in communicating to stop this happening. With Clitheroe and Blackburn managing to get two short corners Daniella Howarth, Emma Dunkerley, Olivia Merrick, Jayne Wilson and Laura Knowles did a great job at preventing their eager attempt to get a goal. We continued to play our game pushing forwards and going back when we needed to which helped us create space, throwing the defence off which lead to another goal by Emma Savidge. Continuing to keep the efforts up, Beth Ridsdale and Jessica Addy worked nicely down the left hand side to get the ball into the circle which lead to a slip in from Emma Savidge. Finally with a last push from both sides Clitheroe and Blackburn managed to score in the last 10 minutes. Finishing at 6-1.

Fylde 4 2-2 Lancaster 2

North West Women's Division 3 North (Central) | England Hockey

Fylde 4s faced Lancaster 2nd team at Mill Farm in front of a dedicated and jubilant crowd. Eve Clarkson and Charlotte Lavin made their debut in the 4th team league game. Fylde 4s were hungry for a win following the Christmas break. After some brilliant play down the right hand side from Laura Arts and Charlotte Lavin, Eve Clarkson hit a wonderful reverse stick towards the goal and it hit the side and went in. Eve's face showed the most surprise we have seen on someone’s face after scoring a goal! Fylde got a few short corners but couldn’t convert them and Lancaster managed to score making it 1-1. The second half came and Lancaster started out strong and scored an early goal following a short corner to make it 2-1 to Lancaster. However a brilliant team effort from Fylde saw Charlotte run down the right side and cross it to Eve on the back post, deflecting it in and making it 2-2. Excellent defending continued from Abi Southern, Megan Eccles and Beth Wolstenholme who made a great back 3. After battling well for the rest of the second half the game ended in a well deserved draw. A post match debrief in the clubhouse whilst eating pasta, then out to cheer on the 6th team before going home for baths to nurse aching legs and the many bumps and bruises. Thanks to Jay Currey and Fran Loffler-Thompson for their coaching on the side and Debbie and Conner McClelland for umpiring. Fylde 4s worked amazingly as a team passing brilliantly! Well done to Eve Clarkson our player of the match.

Fylde 6 2-2 Leyland & Chorley Development

North West Women's Division 5 North (Central) | England Hockey

Fylde 6 put together a mixed team this week against Leyland and Chorley Development. Reinforced by players back from injury adding age and experience to the fast and young players who are moving into adult hockey. Leyland also fielded plenty of experience with their developing teenagers and it proved to be a competitive match.

Solid defence held strong to support the wonderful Fylde hero Fran Loffler-Thompson as she took to goal. Midfield intercepted and created lots of play to produce 2 great goals from Rosie Leil and Hollie Twose. Leyland had a strong defence of their own and some good new talent up front and managed to slip in 2 goals.

Final score 2-2 which represented the match well. Great way to return to hockey after the Christmas break.

Fylde 2 0-6 Leyland & Chorley 1

North West Men's Division 4 North | England Hockey

Fylde Men’s 2’s were the first team back on the pitch after Christmas, facing Leyland & Chorley’s first team, in the match postponed due to the sub-zero temperatures in early December. With Leyland 2nd in the division, a tough game was anticipated, however Fylde didn’t expect to be 2-0 down after 5 minutes, but they were punished for some basic errors and general rustiness.

Fylde managed to shore up their defence and resist Leyland’s many attacks for the remainder of the half, helped in large part by many important saves from captain and goalkeeper Craig Nutter. Fylde found it difficult to break through the high press being used against them, but did manage some dangerous breaks but only won a solitary short corner in the first half, which came to nothing.

The second half started brightly for Fylde, with several promising attacks, although they struggled to penetrate the opposition D. Midway through the half Leyland scored a third goal, and Fylde’s heads dropped and discipline slipped with two green cards awarded against them and there more goals conceded to end up in a 6-0 defeat.

Man of the match was Craig Nutter for his goalkeeping, with more training required for the rest of the team to shake off their Christmas excesses.


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