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Match Reports 27 Jan 2024

An inter-club game in Division 4NC between the Ladies 4's & 5's, and a semi-final cup win for the Men's team.

Fylde 1 1-0 Brooklands-Poynton 1

On Saturday the Ladies 1st team had another rearranged league game due to a frozen pitch before Christmas. They welcomed Brooklands Poynton to Mill Farm, who although bottom of the league, are no easy match.

Fylde were under some pressure for the first 10 minutes whilst they got to grips with a different style of game to last week, but they defended well from the front and soon took control of the game. Grace McGarvey stole the ball in midfield and some lovely 2 touch hockey down the left between her and Pru Lindsey found Frankie Sinclair-Bruce just inside the circle who smashed the ball past the keeper to make it 1-0.

Despite having good spells of possession in the game, Brooklands Poynton did little to threaten the Fylde goal and couldn't find a way through the well disciplined Fylde unit. Opportunities were missed for Fylde to put the game to bed, and they were nearly made to pay for this in the last quarter when some defensive errors led to a penalty corner being awarded. Brooklands couldn't capitalise on it and the game ended 1-0 to Fylde, moving Fylde into second place in the table at the midway point in the season.

Player of the match was tied between Pru Lindsey, Flor Zappulla and Grace McGarvey after three energetic performances.

Carlisle 2 0-2 Fylde 3

Eleven brave souls and supporters travelled up the M6 to Carlisle on a beautiful sunny day to defend our club reputation and field a 3rd Team in NWDiv2. Clashing school fixtures, school theatre events and league rule restrictions had a massive effect in depleting the team from their normal playing strength.

So, up stepped the 4th Team regulars, Liddy and Megan Eccles, Liz Johnson and daughter Melissa, and Club Captain Fran Loffler-Thompson who rarely plays at North level these days! The sun shone, the team were keen and Fran told them this was a winnable game! Coach Adrian Metcalf marshalled his troops and was pleased that his new recruits understood the system of play.

An even game ebbed and flowed, mistakes from both sides were not punished and the goalkeepers were rarely challenged. Liz Johnson broke the deadlock in the first half with a fine driving shot from the top right hand side of the D. Short corner chances came and went as Beth Baines, Lauren Appleyard and Jess Jennings conspired to score in vain.

Carlisle started the second half with great pressure but Fylde had made tactical changes which thwarted their advances. Lauren returned to her comfort zone, Jess transformed the right hand attack and Fran hit the forward line. Liz worked so hard that cramp intervened and Fran found herself covering midfield to help her recover.

Captain Freya Davis-Nunnick kept us in the game with several fine saves and Victoria Latham steadied the ship in her new central midfield role. Abi Southern and Megan Eccles defended staunchly and the team learnt how to defend a slim lead whilst Lauren Appleyard gained the praise from the umpires as Player of the Match!

There is nothing like a long away trip with a winning home journey, even if we did get stuck in Carlisle FC & Rugby FC traffic and car park issues, and most of the team never enjoyed the fine hospitality at the rugby club!

Fylde 4 7-1 Fylde 5

The big day was here! The second meeting of two Fylde teams in NW Division 4 Central. Thanks to the upgraded floodlights and some club admin, a later start time for the fixture allowed players to double up and support our development team before taking on our main challenge of the day. The 5ths were still fresh off the back of their triumph over the table leaders, so 4ths knew we would have to fight for victory if we wanted it!

4ths had first pushback, which Lucy Whiteside passed to our 5ths team mates setting the tone for a healthy competition with good spirits on both sides. With a straight eleven this week, there were to be no rest breaks.

The 5ths started strong, with vigorous attacks down our defensive right side that tested the defence. 4ths did well moving the ball around the back, with great vision by Sophia Murray, Abbie Warburton and Katie Leil to spread the play and make the most of space. This allowed the mid field to push the play up the pitch to the waiting forwards. The 5ths did not make attacking the circle easy and Ellie Hope and Issy Gut had their work cut out trying to create opportunities. 4ths stayed focused as Lucy Whiteside opened the scoring in the first half closely followed by another from Rosie Leil.

4ths had to work hard in the defence and midfield to deter the counter offensive from the 5ths and there was a lot of play for the ball in the centre of the pitch. A number of short corners were unsuccessful but a goal by Hollie Twose from open play kept 4ths momentum. Rosie Leil led a brilliant run down the pitch to result in a successful strike from the edge of the circle.

After a quick, shivery half time talk, 4ths had settled into the game but knew that 5ths would be determined to break through. Leah Richmond drove the ball down the right wing to create opportunities in the circle, one of which, Lucy Whiteside finished nicely. As those whom had doubled up started to tire (the old one mainly), Sophia Murray picked up the pace through the midfield, passing well with Ellie Hope and Issy Gut. Rosie Leil found the backboard once again as the ball was manoeuvred well around the keeper.

4ths won more short corners in the second half but due to the determined defence of the 5ths, none were converted. An unprovoked, dramatic collision of two of our own players gave us some light relief, and I’m told, hilarious footage is available on request of Hollie Twose and Ellie Hope… Rosie Leil scored her 4th and final goal of the game as the temperatures really dropped and the lack of subs started to be felt.

The 5ths didn’t relent in their pursuit of a goal and despite some fantastic saves throughout by Sophie Slawson, the final minutes saw the 5ths score a very deserved goal.

The final whistle blew on a fabulous performance on both sides. This game was a true demonstration of the positive, aspirational and motivated culture of the Club. A real pleasure to be a part of.

Fylde 5 1-7 Fylde 4

Fylde 5 arrived on time and bursting with positivity this week. Ready to play against top of the table Fylde 4s.

The “Blues” started strong and played well every second of the game. Anyone watching would have found it hard to believe that these energetic, skilled and resilient players were hovering at the bottom of the league. The strong “Whites” connected well at the front and were able to secure 4 goals in the first half.

Undeterred the “Blues” started the second half with everything to play for. They didn’t stop making strong interceptions, passing well and pushing high. “Whites” continued to find the net and when it seemed like a goal wasn’t going to happen, Camilla Wyles on her debut for the team found the backboard.

When the final whistle was blown emotions were high. “Blues” held their heads high, they were amazing each and everyone of them. Final score 7 - 1 loss.

Win as a team, lose as a team.

Garstang Development 1-1 Fylde 6 Development

After their fantastic win last week, Ladies 6’s were excited to get back into action this Saturday. Despite the absence of player/coach Fran Loffler-Thompson, the team were ready to put in all their effort.

So, after an inspiring pep-talk and receiving the first pushback the team felt confident, and it showed. There were many powerful attacks from youngsters; Aimee Jennings, Jasmine Stirrup and Hollie Guthrie. But still the scores did not change, the team’s defence were thriving but sadly the ball just somehow slipped past goal keeper Grace Lord. The team were upset but didn’t let the unlucky play get the best of them.

The whistle blew to signal half time and the team gathered for a talk, Helpful tips and points were shared which seemed to crank up the girls energy. Equipped, and powered by half time oranges the team dominated the start of the second half, this was shown well by mother and daughter duo Leah and Nikki Richmond working as a team to make some remarkable runs and passes, Evie Dunne impressing many with her strong stamina and Julie Knowles’s quick decision making.

These skills are what helped the team end up being awarded a short corner. The attackers worked fast and made up a smart plan. Captain Bella Coupe Carroll received the ball and took a chance ending with the sound of a thud to even things out. After a quick celebration run the team set back up and instantly put their game faces back on. Dawn Perruzza and Deborah McClelland made it impossible for the Garstang players to get past them, and by the time the final whistle blew they had barely stepped inside our D.

The team’s congratulated each other and the 6’s left the pitch pleased. It was a very enjoyable match and the team learnt a lot from it.

Final score 1-1.

Golborne Development 0-2 Fylde Men

Lancashire Men's Development Cup

Fylde had reached the semi-final of the Lancashire Cup for development teams without playing a single match, and were unsure what to expect from Golborne. It was scheduled to be a late 4.30pm start, and with the previous games delayed, it was nearer 5pm before the game started, with the temperature rapidly dropping.

Fylde had a lot of possession and the better of the first half but couldn't convert. The team talk concentrated the minds, and the work rate continued in the second half. The deadlock was finally broken after young Charlie Oliver took a quick long corner, giving a square pass to defender Pete Latimer who had galloped up from the back, and was able to run into the D and set off a shot on goal, and striker Jay Mayne deflected the ball into the goal.

A second goal came from a short corner, with an initial shot saved by the goalkeeper, only for the ball to fall to Oli Holmes who made no mistake in firing into goal. Fylde then saw out the rest of the game before having a post-match pie back in the clubhouse around 7pm, and voting Pete Latimer as Man of the Match.

Fylde now face Clitheroe Blackburn Northern in the final of the cup for Lancashire development teams on 20th April at the Armitage in Manchester.


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