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Last Match Reports of the 2021-22 Season - 2 Apr 2022

Timperley 1 (F) 3 - 3 Fylde 1 (F)

Vitality Women's Conference North

Fylde started off very strongly from the back, transferring the ball to exploit the width on the pitch, finding Hattie Madden and Hannah Cook upfront, who continued to look dangerous in the circle.

After lots of first touch hockey from the midfielders moving the ball quickly, a goal shortly came from a short corner. Vicki Rukin scoring on the post after a powerful drag flick from Izzie Milbourn making it 1-0.

Fylde continued to look dangerous throughout the first half, scoring two more goals from short corners by Hannah Cook.

In the third quarter Timperley showed great determination and bounced back making it 3-2, however, Fylde's defence stayed strong until the end of the quarter.

Going into the final quarter the tension was building, after several attacks from both teams Timperley managed to get a third goal making the final score 3-3.

Thank you to Izzie Milbourn who is leaving us to go off to university, she has been a great attribute to the team, good luck !! Also, we say goodbye to Teagan who’s also leaving to live abroad, good luck and thank you for your commitment and help this season !!

Lymm 1 (F) 2 - 2 Fylde 2 (F)

North West Women's Division 1

Off we went to Lymm away,

The final game of the season we went to play,

A few new faces in our team,

We were going out to battle and win, it was to seem.

We sat back a little at the start,

We pressed which was tough as they came towards us like a dart,

Save after save after save after save from KB!

They scuffled their way through twice,

And knew it was time to step up and throw the dice!

We pressed, we closed the gap and passed and moved down the line,

Lots of cheers and shouts “this ball is mine”!

With support from Hannah, Carly glided into the D,

A fantastic goal it was and had to be!

The game was raised up,

Rotations were going well,

They ran, they moved and smiled on the way,

“Come on Fylde”, we could hear people say!

A fast bit of play from the midfield with EJ, Olivia, Beth and Jayne,

We were off now wahoo down the fast lane!

Pass, move, support and fun,

Here comes the goal to nearly get the job done!

A pass from Carly to the P spot in the mid,

EJ calls for it and lifts it over the keeper - oh yes she did!

2-2 it finished with great delight,

We were happy after a little fright!

An end to the season we thank all who have watched throughout and today,

Playing the game our usually Fylde way,

A fantastic team who have worked so hard to grow,

We now look forward to our evening at the end of April with a fabulous glow.

Fylde 4 (F) 3 - 2 Chorley Phoenix 1 (F)

North West Women's Division 3 North (Central)

The season concluded with the Ladies 4th team playing at home, Mill Farm, against the league winners Chorley Phoenix. Fylde were, as expected, a little nervous, however this quickly turned into passion and an eagerness to play learning that the away team had only brought a straight 11. The game started and both teams came out strong from the first whistle. The first goal from Fylde came from a quick turn around and a storming run up the right by Natalie Smith and putting into practice the 1 to 1 passes around players with Lali Atherton. The ball crossed into the D to Lucy Wane and found the back board by swerving past the goalkeeper, who had dived on the floor in attempt to save the inevitable goal Lucy so perfectly placed in the bottom left corner. The second goal came soon after by Fiona Quarmby as she calmly swept the ball into the left corner from a cross by Natalie Smith.

Just before half time there was a nasty accident involving the opposition. The only thing for it was to eat Chocolate Easter Eggs and take photos whilst we waited for the injured player to be treated. This resulted in a trip to A&E and them losing players before half time.

Due to the delays it was agreed by the captains to carry on the game with a shortened 20 minute second half. The half began with Fylde holding their heads high and hoping to grasp the win. However Chorley Phoenix came out strong and aggressive unfortunately to score a couple of goals. This was soon matched with another goal of the game for Lucy Wane, which was very convincing as it was a hard slap once again to the back board, with it echoing down the field. Chorley Phoenix carried on battling but were unsuccessful on scoring again. The final whistle blew which resulted in such a good 3-2 win for Fylde 4s. A great end to a great season. Thankfully the game ended with both teams having match teas and smiles all round. Player of the match was Natalie Smith for her sheer determination and effort in the right half position.

Fylde (M) 1 - 0 University of Liverpool 1 (M)

North West Men's Division 1

Fylde Men's 1's finished their tough season with a hard fought 1-0 win to avoid relegation and instead doomed the opposition team for the drop.

The first half was a tight affair, with Fylde having marginally more posession, and were able to take the lead with a well struck Jordan Payne goal. They were unlucky not to go two up at a short corner, when Ian Swaine's forceful strike was saved off the keeper's helmet and over the crossbar.

The second half was a more scrappy affair, with Fylde struggling to complete their passes, and Liverpool Uni finding more posession and attacks. There was some resolute defending at the back, and a series of short corners were overcome, with Fylde celebrating the final whistle.

The team say goodbye to several players retiring from competitive hockey, including stalwarts Simon Major, Jamie Oakes and Ian Swaine.

Fylde 3 (M) 2 - 8 Kendal 2 (M)

North West Men's Division 4 North

The honour of concluding the 2021-22 season at Mill Farm was given to the Men’s 3’s with the 4.30pm slot (and so it may have even been the last fixture played in the whole North West).

Fylde were hosting Kendal 2’s, 4 weeks after the last match between the two sides ended fraughtly, and another tough match was expected. Fylde started with their usual attacking philosophy and the game was quite even for the whole first half. That didn’t stop Kendal snatching three goals with some good passing and moving, with Fylde unlucky not to score, in particular striker Ollie Holmes who had chances that were inches wide.

Fylde rotated their three substitutes and kept up the work rate, which finally paid dividends at the start of the second half with Phil Hope smashing in a goal, and ensuring he remained as the team’s top scorer for the season. Kendal punished Fylde for pressing high up the pitch, scoring fairly regularly during the half, finding unmarked players in space, despite some heroic saves from Cameron McIntyre in goal. Fylde scored another when a Phil Hope strike from the top of the D managed to rebound off the post, and James Smith was in prime position to be able to hit the ball into the goal.

The game ended as a 8-2 loss to Fylde, but a good performance from an improving team. Thanks were given to Chris Banks who had taken on the role of coach midway through the season, and to the many improving young players, this match featuring Luke Cosgrove, James Dobson, Angus Chandler, Cameron McIntyre, Connor McClelland, Ollie Greenwood and Luke Hitchen.


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