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Updated: Jul 5, 2020

At Fylde we know that fitness is easier with friends and teammates. So over the summer months why not join us on Strava, where we have introduced the Fylde 5k every Saturday to have some virtual fun and keep our fitness levels high ready for the new season ahead. To participate, all you need to do is download the Strava app, click on clubs, search for Fylde HC and run 5k on a Saturday, any time, anywhere but don't forget you can log all your fitness activities.

We are excited to announce nearly 80 activities including running, cycling and walking completed on the clubs Strava group last week at the end of June. So you think you can beat Fylde HC top 5k running times? Join in but remember it's not a competition it's about getting fit.


Simon Major 20:26

Rob Jepson 20.52

Lucy Whalley 21.36

Hannah Gallagher 23.48

Please remember Fylde hockey club (FHC) members and the users of the Strava group are personally responsible for the content they share and or upload. FHC advises members to regularly review their privacy settings on Strava and ensure that they are content with the information being shared. Under 18 players should take advice from an adult. All materials posted on social media have the potential to be seen and shared by many more people beyond those associated with FHC.


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