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Match Reports 20 & 21 Jan 2024

The Ladies 2's celebrated an away win, whilst the Ladies 1's were back in action on Sunday.

Fylde 1 2-2 Pendle Forest 1 (Sunday)

A game under the new lights at Mill Farm after a big break was attacked superbly by the Fylde ladies.

Fylde started well and broke up play well and created some good early chances. It was Jess Wharton who weaved in and out Pendle defenders at the top of the circle before wrong footing the keeper and slotting home as Fylde led 1-0. But Pendle fought back and some hesitation in the Fylde circle at the PC led to a square pass and Pendle converted. Some good defending kept Pendle at bay and Fylde counter attacked well, creating further chances but then found themselves behind as a penalty stoke was converted just before half time.

The second half saw Fylde transfer the ball better and a great passage of play down the left by Partington and the midfield trio led to Flor Zappulla break through the inside right channel before a delightful ball for Frankie Sinclair-Bruce to finish clinically on her reverse. There were further opportunities in the circle for Fylde who created the better chances and were unlucky not to go ahead. A couple of tense corners at the end were well marshalled by Katie Barker and the defensive corner team for a deserved point.

A good game in which the Fylde girls should be proud of the performance and can take the confidence into the 2nd half of the season. Player of the match was Jess Wharton.

photos by Charles Jackman (c)

Prescot 1 1-3 Fylde 2

On Saturday 20th January Fylde Ladies 2s travelled to play Prescot 1s. After a good warm up, a team photo and Sally winning the toss we were ready for a win.

Fylde had their heads in the game from the get go. With a fast paced start and knowing Prescot were going to press hard Sally and Lucy moved the ball well, down the line for the longer ball to Chelsea. With both teams eager it was a case of who got to the ball first. Attacking well Grace hit a foot and it was the first short corner of the game. Lucy W received the short corner injection and passed from the top to Sally Livesey on the post and with a great low slap it was in the back of the goal and it was 1-0!!

Eager to bring it back Prescot were giving their all, but staying composed and keeping our shape we were coming out on top. That didn’t stop them and continuing to apply the pressure they broke through the middle, slipped it round Michelle and it was in 1-1. As the game progressed Fylde’s determination and hard work got them well into the game resulting in great runs from Amelia H and Grace T through the middle and out wide. From a hard pass into the D Emma Savidge received the ball for a 1v1 one with the keeper, rolling strong it was in making it 2-1. Adrenaline was pumping and with Prescot not happy they were down they were eager to come back attacking down the left hand corner and with a few opportunities with shots on goal Michelle made some fantastic saves. Having received a few short corners EJ, Sally, Lucy, Amelia and Michelle did a superb job of defending. Continuing to battle it out there was both great attacking and defending going on.

Going into the second half we kept our form strong, setting up quickly and applying that pressure. We connected our passes well, moved with urgency and maintained the possession. It was a strong game and Prescot were determined to bring it back. Sally and EJ made some great long through balls to Chelsea, Frankie and Emma working alongside with Keira, Amelia and Lucy who were playing the ball around them creating plenty of opportunities in the D. The game was getting tense and in desperation to apply the pressure Prescot decided to take the goal keeper off for another outfield player. This created chances for Prescot and led to a few breakaways but with great pressure and double teaming from Jade, Laura, Keira, Valerie and Ariana we managed to keep composed. Coming to the end of the game Prescot managed to get a few short corners however with the support from the sideline and determined to keep the win Michelle made some crucial and excellent saves with great defending from everyone else. Keeping a high forward we managed to break through with 1 minute remaining going round the defender it was slipped in the goal by Emma Savidge to make it 3-1.

Well done to Lucy Wane for MOM, and well done to everyone for a brilliant but intense game! Thankyou for the continued support from parents.

Fylde 3 0-1 Southport 1

Fylde 3rd Team played at home against Southport 1st Team. The result, a loss 1-0, shows how close the game was with opportunities for both teams to win. The very young Fylde team is struggling to find the goal at the moment and worked hard to shoot and create in the D area to no avail.

Freya Davis-Nunnick in goals had a very good game and marshalled her defence well. The midfield at times was in control but deeper than the coach would like and so support for the attack was always stretched.

In the end the more experienced team could find the net due to the defence failing to clear the ball away to the side.

The game is learning game for these players and as they develop the results will come.

Well done to Southport who were patient and deserved the win.

Pendle Forest 3 0-6 Fylde 4 (Sunday)

It was third time lucky for this fixture due to the terrible weather before and Christmas and after! The forecast still included heavy rain and 40mph winds but due to a cancelled fixture the day before, Fylde 4s were happy to be out and playing.

Our strategy for this game comprised of two aims, get some goals from short corners and score early in case the weather started to beat us. Pleased to say, one of the aims came to fruition!

We started with first push back and a team with no regular defenders so our adaptability was due to be tested. The play started strong on both sides, Fylde took advantage of their skill and speed down the wings whereas Pendle had experienced strong hitters at the back and young, fast runners at the front! Whilst Fylde were able to keep Pendle from the circle for most of the first half, goalkeeper Sophie Slawson lacking any touches in fact, Fylde took their time to land the first goal.

Towards half time, Hollie Twose received a long corner pass at the top of the circle and immediately turned to place the ball on the foot of the opposition securing a short corner. So with “score early” out the window, score from a short corner was still a possibility. Lucy Whiteside took on the challenge from a slipped pass and slotted the ball past the keeper. Celebrations ensued and something clicked for Fylde. Pendle continued to attack, catching us out with the odd hard ball straight to their forwards but Melissa Johnson-Parker, Lauren Perkin and Hermione Edward held strong at the back to diminish any real threats. We upped the pace, created space and started to pass around the back. Issy Gut took the opportunity to run the ball up the left wing, around the defenders and whistled the ball past the keeper just before half time giving us a 2-0 lead.

The half time talk was positive, Fylde were rallied at the result from the short corner and vowed to keep pushing. In fairness, the half time huddle may have spooked our opposition as the tight circle of dry robes with hoods up looked like a Jedi conference.

The wind and rain did not relent but fortunately was not as severe as expected so Fylde persevered with the game plan. Due to the weather and the heavy possession, Fylde rotated players at the back to give everyone an opportunity to stay warm and run about. Ellie Hope, Issy Gut and Liz Johnson relentless moved the ball around in midfield finding Leah Richmond and Lucy Whiteside in front. Ellie Hope had a fabulous goal from a touch in the air which was allowed by the umpire, and then overturned by the other umpire. This didn’t beat her and she soon sent a ball across the circle to Katie Sloan who was practically stood on the keeper and tapped the ball in nicely.

Pendle started to become more physically as time ticked on so Fylde had to move the play around them, much to Pendle’s frustration. Ellie Hope finally got her chance and scored her first for 4s this season. Pendle were strong down their left side and upon a break made it to the circle with a shot of goal which was dispatched confidently by Sophie Slawson. Fylde had chances with a number of short corners but couldn’t quite finish until Liz Johnson stepped up the plate and landed a goal from a perfect strike. Surprisingly, Fylde didn’t seem to tire, we wanted this. Hollie Twose and Leah Richmond both had near misses off the post and wanting a piece of the action, NikkI Richmond decided to take the strike on another short corner. It was a hell of a shot and had the goal been three feet to the left, it might have gone in.

The time was running down but we weren’t done, Ellie Hope received a pass at the penalty spot and with an excellently controlled ball, sent it past the keeper.

Fylde ended on a huge high, we had conquered short corners, weren’t as wet as we might have been and had truly come together as a team. Thank you to all the players for your hard work, it paid off! Galaxy digestives for everyone.

Fylde 5 1-3 Garstang 4

After their first win last week the Ladies 5s were keen to maintain a winning streak this week, despite most of the team having played away in Wakefield that morning they were determined to give it their best shot. The starting lineup was the same as last week and so the team fell into their stride quickly.

Fylde sustained a substantial high press and threatened Garstang's goal again and again. Garstang defended hard with all players in the D and Fylde couldn’t get through. Garstang scored a disappointing goal when the defenders were drawn away from the post player. Fylde were tired but not deterred.

The second half was all about penalty corners. Garstang went 2-0 up when they converted one of their PCs. The young Fylde team independently organised themselves when they were awarded a PC and Megan Hartley-Smith found the backboard to the delight of the team.

With new vigour the team pushed on unable to find another goal. Garstang converted another PC making it 1-3. The score didn’t reflect the amount of possession Fylde had, the number of attempts on goal or the quality of play the team displayed. Last time Fylde played Garstang 4 it was many of the teams first adult game for 5s. Today they were the same girls but so much stronger. Garstang even commented on what a great game it had been and how much the team had improved.

Final score Fylde 1- Garstang 3.

Win as a team lose as a team.

Fylde 6 Development 6-0 Lancaster Nomads 2

Another crazy week striving to field a full team with last minute school fixtures working against us again! We were comfortable to start with 10 players but were bolstered, on the morning of the game, with the addition of four players from our 4th Team. They were due to play in Windermere but were frozen off early morning.

Ellie, Leah, Nikki, Lauren and Grace, all players who are happy to fluctuate across teams to support the club, joined us, and were welcome additions against an experienced adult opposition. Debbie & Heather were also happy to step aside for the younger players as they had later games.

Youth overcame experience as our younger side dominated play and attacks. Camilla Wyles scored a brace as the Nomads struggled to keep up with her pace. Captain Bella Coupe-Carroll scored once again and further goals were added by Ellie Hope, Lauren Perkin, and Aimee Perruzza on her guest appearance, playing in the same team as her mum, Dawn.

Michelle and Julie enthusiastically took guided instructions from Fran in goal and Coach Phil, and Jasmine added more youth and enthusiasm to the side.

It was a great result, considering the chaotic morning of behind-the-scenes reorganisation, and thanks should be conveyed to our three Captains, Nikki, Debbie and Fran for co-ordinating the last minute changes. Third in the table and gaining in experience every week, we are a challenge to any side when we can field a team.

Fylde Men 2-8 Clitheroe Blackburn Northern Dev't

The original match was supposed to be away in Blackburn but with snow on their pitch it looked like there would be another postponed game that would have to be rearranged for a future weekend. However with newly installed LED floodlights at Mill Farm, a late afternoon slot was available at home instead, so with captain Richard Clarke’s determination and many exchanges of messages with his team and the opposing captain, the venue was switched and a late 3.30pm push back arranged.

CBN’s two senior men’s teams’ matches were also called off, which meant that they brought a couple of extremely skilful players alongside the usual development team, however Fylde had a squad of 15 and some string players themselves and started the better with some initial chances, before Luke Hitchen opened the scoring with a rifling shot.

CBN started showing their skills, and when they won a short corner they opted to go directly to their 1st team drag flicker who made no mistake with perfect execution. They then went ahead with a break and a great strike from another of their older players. At 2-1 up, another short corner, another drag flick to make it 3-1 at half-time.

Fylde pulled one back shortly after the break with a short corner of their own where Jay Mayne slipped the ball to Richard Clarke who shot with accuracy.

This seemed to reawaken CBN and their best players who then showed us why they normally play in Division 1 with some great dribbling skills and potency at short corners. They scored 5 more goals during the second half, at least 3 at short corners. Fylde kept on battling, and had several half chances, but couldn’t quite convert.

Great work by the youngsters Ali Adewale, Charlie Oliver and Oliver Van Rijn, who was voted Man of the Match.

Leyland & Chorley Dev't 2-1 Fylde Men (Sunday)

Sunday saw the 3rd attempt at playing this fixture, after two postponed games due to a frozen pitch. When news of flooded changing rooms and the arrival of Storm Isha, there were doubts whether the game would take place, but it did despite strong wind and increasing intensity of rainfall.

Fylde had young Alex Fuller available and in goal, meaning that Craig Nutter had a rare appearance outfield at left back, having previously vowed never to play without his goalkeeper kit ever again after injuring himself playing outfield over 5 years ago.

Fylde dominated the first half, with the majority of possession, and pinning back Leyland’s defence for long spells. Phil Hope opened the scoring with a second touch of the ball diving at an angle to beat the keeper, after Oli Adewale had dribbled into the D and passed the ball.

Half-time came with no further goals, and Fylde continued with more possession at the start of the second half. However, slowly Fylde’s formation fell apart, and Leyland came back into the game, exploiting gaps.

Leyland managed to sneak a goal with the continued pressure, much to Fylde’s dismay, but at 1-1 there was still time to grab another goal.

Despite Fylde increasing their intensity, they wasted their opportunities, and it was Leyland who managed to win a late short corner and one of their youngsters executed a perfect drag flick to take the lead.

There was little time left, and Fylde had to accept defeat from a game they should have won easily (it had been 6-1 just 8 days previously) but the day was Leyland & Chorley’s and their young side can be proud of the way they fought back for only their second win of the season.


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