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Match Reports 11 Mar 2023

Fylde 1 1-3 Wakefield 1

Vitality Women's Conference North | England Hockey On the 11th March, Fylde 1XI faced Wakefield ( top of the league ) at home. Early in the first quarter, Wakefield were awarded with a penalty corner which they converted. After some good build up play from Fylde they won a penalty corner. From this, Pru Lindsay won a penalty flick which was unfortunately saved by the Wakefield goalkeeper. Wakefield then went on to convert another penalty corner in the 2nd quarter. After half time, Fylde began to attack more with some great distribution from Bo Madden and Lucy Partington. After defending brilliantly Wakefield won another corner which they converted. In the last quarter, Flor Zappulla scored a reverse hit for Fylde. Final score 3-1 to Wakefield. Player of the Match goes to Bo Madden for excellent defending and distribution skills throughout the game

Fylde 2 1-2 Carlisle 1

North West Women's Division 1 | England Hockey With the sun shining and the support in the stands, Fylde 2’s started strong keeping possession and playing some through balls which were just too fast for the forwards to get on the end of. After numerous attempts Carlisle managed to get a break away, whilst everyone was tracking back Beth Ridsdale and Laura Knowles kept them in our left corner eventually winning a hit out. EJ made the incredible hit outs breaking Carlisle's lines of defence and allowing Jade and Abbi to link passes working their way down the pitch. Eventually the mids found the right moment to pass to Frankie who drived down the right and passed to Chelsea who had a close chance, however their keeper just got on the end of it. As the game continued there was equal defending and attacking. Carlisle managed to gain a short corner and luckily score. However Fylde set back up and thrived again. It was close match play and it was clear both teams wanted the win.

Half time whistle went and an encouraging team talk was given by Lisa Brown. When the whistle went again Olivia Merrick had received the ball forming a 1v2 with herself and Jessica Addy. Everyone was determined for a goal. Jessica passed to Lisa which was passed back and forth until a space was available which Frankie ran into passing the ball just in front of the goal keeper, Emma Savidge stepped in front and scored our goal.

The game started again and Carlisle were ready to start they were attacking strong however EJ was like the rock she always is and with the amazing saves by Katie Barker, Fylde remained unbeatable. The game continued as both teams battled for the win. Fylde managed to gain more shots on goal but unfortunately were saved. Carlisle managed to squeeze another goal in which Fylde fought back.

The performance was intense to watch as the ball was in all areas of the pitch however Carlisle did manage to steal the win. Great efforts from both teams were made unfortunately Carlisle gained the win with a close match.

Wigton 1 2-5 Fylde 3

North West Women's Division 2 North | England Hockey Heather Appleyard’s bravery and commitment led us to victory today. By putting herself forward, putting on the keeping kit and keeping those goals away she allowed us to play with strength and determination across the pitch. From the beginning we pushed to the right, eager to score and get the game started. In just the 8th minute, Natalie Smith scored her first goal of the match putting us in a great position for the game ahead. As the game progressed we played superbly amongst each other, passing the ball and working it around them. We proved our flexibility as a team, playing excellently in and out of position. The game looked very promising when in the 13th minute Amy Carter scored, raising the score to 2:0. Wigton got their first, and only, surge of energy, although our defence was strong they managed to get through us twice within 5 minutes. This would not stop us. We pushed the ball forwards, attacking them non-stop. In the 25th minute we were awarded a penalty short, after some great practice pre-match between Amy Carter and Ariana Milligan, the injection and stop was fluent and well rehearsed. It remained 2:2 at the end of the first half. After a sports massage by Niranji Atherton, to help with her sore calf, Natalie Smith started the second half with a cracking goal, that seemed almost impossible to make. From here on wards, Wigton realised they were unable to defeat us, as we would continually push and pressure them. Some great teamwork was demonstrated by Natalie Smith, Kirtika Saravanan and Lali Atherton on the right of the pitch. They worked well, setting the play for Lali Atherton to finish off the goal. Another goal was scored by Lali Atherton in the 22nd minute of the 2nd half through the keeper's legs, bringing the final score to a whopping 5:2. With 4 minutes to go, Wigton were awarded a short corner, but at this point we were already celebrating our victory, which would not have been possible without Heather Appleyard and our amazing defence. Final score 5:2 Player of the match: Heather Appleyard

Leyland & Chorley 1 4-1 Fylde 4

North West Women's Division 3 North (Central) | England Hockey Fylde 4th team travelled to Buckshaw village to face mid table Leyland and Chorley 1 XI. We had a team talk in the changing room from coach Jay Currey to discuss tactics and our ‘world class’ abilities! Fylde ladies started with a positive attitude for todays match after the high of a win last week. Armed with the same team as last week with just the goal keeper change, we welcome Izzy Slater back with open arms. Fylde started off strong, with excellent play and communication by all on the pitch. The team looked just as good as they did the week previous however early on the opposition scored their first goal from open play. Showing determination to keep going, balls constantly were passed brilliantly up the pitch and into the D by Abbie Warburton Sofia Murray and Lindsey Tait. Some questionable decisions made by the ref and missing many short corner chances frustrated us, but it didn’t stop us from trying hard. Half time came and Fylde had held onto 1-0. Unfortunately Leyland and Chorley came back with fight in them obviously having a stern half time talk and jiggled their positions about. Fylde had numerous attempts on goal but we just couldn’t find the back of the net. Two short corners were awarded to Leyland and Chorley allowing them to score on one. Jess Egan managed to save a goal on the line but unfortunately it pinged back around again and they scored. Fylde didn’t let this break us, our heads were up and the game was on. Beautiful balls being passed around midfield by Laura Arts and Georgia Nichols and into the D resulted in a short corner, this was our chance. A ball from Charlotte Lavin came to Jess Egan, she slipped it left to Beth Wolstenholme who hit the ball with all mighty force and boom the whistle went with cheers all around, the ball had hit the back board to make it 4-1. The final score doesn’t reflect as to how well the ladies 4th team played today, they collectively played well as a team. The opposition keeper had an outstanding game and we gave her plenty of work. We demonstrated some beautiful hockey and as always, conducted ourselves in an exemplary manner. The win was not to be, next Saturday is a new and different chapter. Player of the match Sophia Murray

Fylde 5 0-1 Clitheroe Blackburn Northern 3

North West Women's Division 4 North (Central) | England Hockey Although the Met office said the bad weather was over, Ladies 5s arrived at Mill Farm realising it was all lies. The team were not worried about the cold because they had fire in their bellies and were prepared well with the captains pre match video messages. This week's game started with positive mental attitude and the girls gave everything they had. The mother and daughter pair of Dawn Perruzza and Amiee Perruzza linked up well on the line at the right, Dawn's big hits pushing through Blackburn's players effortlessly. The second mother daughter pair also created some excellent opportunities as Liz Johnson time and time again, blocked Blackburn balls and fed them to Melissa Johnson Parker on the right wing. Melissa driving to the D and putting in some excellent crosses. Sadly Fylde couldn’t connect and find the goal. This theme of Fylde dominance held fast for most of the first half, Blackburn's play was predictable and whilst they made some threats on the D they couldn’t move it past Tiana Mosley, Debbie McClelland and Dawn at the back who were winning and distributing well, pushing Blackburn high. Dani Howarth with some great goal keeping ensuring Blackburn didn’t get near her net. The half time talk was positive and Fylde felt they had a real chance of a win. The second half moved Sophie Rawlinson into an attacking position with Rosie Leil and Soraya (still got it even though I am a pensioner) Rigby and Fylde started to make more opportunities on the left, feeding the ball to Jessica Jennings on the wing who connected well with Louise Eastham and Sophie making some strong play. Blackburn had also changed tactics and started to hang players high to try to draw the defence back and get the ball through. They had some strong runners and when they were in the D they had a big presence. Fylde defence linked well, channelling players and shutting down attacks. Blackburn made breaks time and time again and sadly got a ball through and scored. Fylde stood positive and didn’t give up, maintaining an offensive strategy. Jessica, Rosie and Soraya desperately trying to get a shot on goal. Blackburn's scrappy defending brought multiple short corners for Fylde. The umpire said there was only a few minutes of play left and Debbie made the decision to risk a Blackburn break and pushed all 10 field players high. Those last 5 minutes were nail biting. The ball didn’t leave Blackburn's 23 and Tiana was hungry for a goal. Everyone gave everything that they had, Fylde were awarded 2 short corners in succession and then just when we thought we might be able to equalise the final whistle was blown. Fylde left the field positive as they started. The score didn’t reflect the game. The players were just wonderful.

Final score Blackburn and Clitheroe 1-0 Fylde. Win as a team lose as a team.

Leyland & Chorley Development 0-5 Fylde 6

North West Women's Division 5 North (Central) | England Hockey Score: 5-0 WIN, WIN. WIN!!! The fun started on Friday night: Game ON; Game OFF; Game ON – all within half an hour! Every credit to Captain Nikki Richmond keeping up with developments from a busy and tiring week organising a team. Leyland & Chorley Development team were struggling to field a side but then found a way – Fylde were still up for it! Saturday morning arrived, following snow and a light frost, and Fylde 6’s were reduced to 11x players: Captain Nikki was still in bed with ‘Flu and Tilly succumbed too!

A spirited display, backed up by 4th Teamers Abi and Sophia, saw the Fylde Team gain a 2-0 lead by half time. Abi Warburton made a penetrating run through the midfield to slot in a fine solo effort and Leah Richmond bagged her second goal in two games! Leah’s goal, in particular, showed great vision from a young head, scoring in the near-post gap left by a frustrated keeper. Eva Earnshaw made some key saves as the young Fylde defence struggled at times to recover from attacking positions. Fylde re-grouped at half time with some influential coaching from Jay and Fran ( the senior ‘heads’). In the second half Fylde continued to dominate a young opposition with another fine solo run through the midfield and a goal from Sophia Murray making it 3-0. Summer Holroyd took on coaching advice and played impeccable balls scything through the midfield to her forwards. Fylde needed to rest their young talents for the next game and changed player positions whilst continuing to attack. Grace Lord and Abi Southern made positive moves into midfield, Ellie Hope and Maisie Rattray changed positions and Jay Curry and Fran Loffler-Thompson guided all the changes seamlessly from defence and side-line. The highlight of the game came when Sara Jane Tomlinson (on her debut), with a very nervous mother watching from the side-lines, scored from close range with great glee! Towards the end of the game Leah vied with Sarah for their second goal and Sara was unlucky not to score, only for Leah to bag a brace!

Young strikers snapping with enthusiasm at their opponents was a joy to watch on a cold and successful day. Another win and the future is bright for Fylde HC!

Garstang 1 4-1 Fylde 1

North West Men's Division 3 North | England Hockey Fylde made the short journey up to face local rivals Garstang 1’s on a bright Saturday afternoon for what is usually a closely contested game. This year the fixture featured two sets of brothers coming up against each other on opposite sides with ex-Fylde man Kris “Gump” Brandwood, and Matt “Mouth” Atherton turning out for Garstang. Questions were asked pre-game over which Atherton brother would turn up with the shared braincell that day. Enquiries are still ongoing.

A few late dropouts for Fylde on the day of the game meant a rejigged starting line-up and a messy warm up. This quickly carried on once the game had started with Fylde finding themselves 2-0 down with two well-worked goals. Garstang were well drilled, and Fylde could not get going. Both teams were also reduced to 10 men in the first half as Paul Atherton saw a green card for handbags in the D.

Half-time came and Ben Mortimer tried to lift spirits by reminding the team not to lose their heads and to stay calm. Something that lasted all of 15 minutes as Garstang scored another and he had a complete meltdown, largely as Alex Brandwood. Brandwood then subbed himself off for a 5 minute sulk, before for some UNKNOWN reason deciding to bring himself back on as a striker. Although this did calm Norris as he didn’t have to play in the middle of Paul and Alex anymore.

Fylde were largely out of ideas all game and resorted to crashed balls into the D or the occasional aerial over the top, although they did manage 10 seconds of good play which got them a goal. Some quick link up play from Goudie, Currey and Whitley allowed the ball to be threaded into Martin Hayes who got a shot away at the near post to beat the Garstang keeper.

Clearly thrilled with his goal, Martin Hayes then decided he needed a 5 minute sit down, so decided to rugby tackle one of the Garstang players to the ground and get himself a yellow card.

The day's misery was compounded when Caine Draper, another ex-Fylde player, scored his second goal of the game from a tight angle with a great strike to sneak in at the near post. This was then followed up 3 seconds later when Paul Atherton ran in the D and absolutely drilled the ball at Danny Taylor in anger. For a split-second, time seemed to stop, as the Fylde defence, frozen and stunned, waited for Danny to kill Paul. Luckily Danny kept his cool and the game was allowed to continue.

This was a game to forget for Fylde and even this reporter had PTSD having to write this. Great teas after the game though. Fylde need to quickly move on from the result as they face Kendal 1’s next week at Mill Farm.

In all seriousness, both Danny Taylor and Ben Mortimer had great games at the back, with Danny just shading it in the Man of the Match votes, making a number of crucial saves, even saving a goal with his face. The Busy Fool vote was also closely contested between Alex and Paul.

MoM – Danny Taylor

Busy Fool – Paul Atherton – For smashing the ball at Danny after a goal went in. Arguably the best finish all day. Also, letting Mouth have the brain cell.

Fylde 2 P-P Brookfield 1

North West Men's Division 4 North | England Hockey The decision to postpone the Men's 2's 10.30am game was made 12 hours before on Friday night, because of the forecast overnight freezing temperatures and the mercury not due to rise above zero until around the scheduled start time.


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