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Ladies & Mens Match Reports 8 Oct 2022

Alderley Edge 1 0-5 Fylde 1

Vitality Women's Conference North Fylde 1st team had their first away fixture of the season at Alderley Edge. With several players returning after last week's draw with Doncaster, Fylde were hopeful of getting back to winning ways. Within minutes Fylde had Alderley pinned in their own 23, unable to find an outlet through Fylde's high press- this continued to be a problem for the home side all afternoon. It only took 5 minutes for Fylde to find the back of the net through Pru Lindsey, and not long after it was Pru again who made it 2-0. Just before half time, Bo Madden got herself on the score sheet from a penalty corner to take it to 3-0. In the third quarter, a poor challenge inside the circle on Hattie Madden by the Alderley keeper resulted in a Fylde penalty stroke. Twin sister Bo Madden calmly and confidently stepped up to convert to make it 4-0 Fylde.

This was repeated in the 4th quarter, another poor challenge from the keeper on Hannah Cook meant Fylde were awarded another penalty stroke. This time Flor Zappulla stepped up to convert, leaving Fylde 5-0 winners. An excellent team performance, with player of the game going to Bo Madden for her excellent work through the midfield.

Lymm 1 1-0 Fylde 2

North West Women's Division 1 A short trip down the M6 to Lymm where we knew we’d have a very tough match! A good warmup and with focus on the task in hand we started well, however Lymm started very strong also with a very early chance to score. We held firm in defence and went straight down the other end with Chelsea Atkinson and Hannah Callagher moving brilliantly to create space and an attacking chance to score ourselves.

As both teams settled into the game there was a lot of play in the middle of the pitch, Lymm made it clear they weren’t going to play nice, and we needed to stay tough and keep our heads! Sally Livesey and Lisa Perry commanding the middle and ensuring the gaps were filled! This allowed us to have some good strong pressure on the Lymm defence, we came so close to scoring but their keeper was up to the task.

Some good confident work round the back between the full backs, and as requested from Lisa Brown during the team talk, excellent accurate passing. However Lymm were organised and started to read our passing which then saw them manage to intercept and quickly get on the attack. Sarah Hart had a few more one on ones than she would have liked but dealt with them well.

The second half was much like the first with good chances at both ends, again Lymm were showing the rough side to their game which we needed to cope with. A questionable short corner was awarded, only one of four conceded by the defence in the whole match, unfortunately we couldn’t keep this one out and saw a flick to the left post go in narrowly missed by Sarah.

We tried not to let our heads go down and persevered with our tactics, getting down the line with fab link up play between the mids and forwards. This link up play resulted in more chances to score but they were seen off by Lymm’s defence and keeper.

Last short corner of the game was won by Hannah Callagher, the decision was a straight strike, Sally Livesey put it out to EJ Dunkerley who struck it well, aiming for the bottom left post, strike looked good until the keeper just managed to get the edge of her pad on it. We battled for each other to the end but it wasn’t to be.

Fylde 3 3-3 Preston 1

North West Women's Division 2 North In the third match of the season against a very strong side eager to win the match, Fylde 3’s gave it their all. It was an even game to begin with, both sides demonstrating their strengths and skills. As the match continued with multiple short corners, Fylde were determined to score before the end of the first half.

After many powerful attacks, and rapid counterattacks, Esther Thomson was passed the ball swiftly from Grace Tomlinson and raised the score to 1:0. An excellent goal and end to the half. After regrouping and discussing during half time, Fylde felt confident and able to use their speed and skill to beat the opposition. Despite some excellent defending and clearances by Poppy Chester, Preston broke through and scored in the 11th minute. An immediate surge of power from Preston resulted in them scoring another 2 consecutive goals within the next 5 minutes. Unlike most sides a score of 3:1 was not going to dissuade Fylde 3’s, we stepped up our game and dominated across the pitch. Many players proved their talent and through immense effort and teamwork, including efficient switches and tackles, Grace Tomlinson scored our second goal. At this point we were eager to equalise, we saw the weaknesses and lethargy in the opposition and used this to our advantage - many attempts at goal were kept at bay by Becky Evans’ solid defence. With just over 10 minutes left Victoria Latham scored a spectacular goal, in a very intense attack, making the score 3 all. In the final 2 minutes Preston were awarded a short corner, a very tense and exhilarating end to a tough match. Through many great saves by Eva Earnshaw across the match, and an incredible defensive line, their short came to nothing. A very close match, with a result of 3:3; a score to be very proud of. Player of the Match: Grace Tomlinson

Lytham St Annes 2 5-2 Fylde 4

North West Women's Division 3 North (Central) Fylde 4s played Lytham 2s, and were defeated 5-2. Despite losing, Fylde fought really hard and dominated most of the game, the score line does not reflect how hard the team worked. Well done to Lindsay Tait who scored both of the goals for Fylde and Abbie Warburton who was voted player of the match. Despite losing the match and a pair of orange astros, the team were in high spirits back at Lytham Cricket Club. Two parents even signed up to Fylde's Back to Hockey sessions that have started to be held from 6-7pm on Wednesday evenings at Mill Farm.

Fylde 5 0-6 Garstang 3

North West Women's Division 4 North (Central) This week the ladies Fylde 5th team were playing Garstang 3rd Xl at Mill Farm. Availability was tight this week and Captain Debbie McClelland developed some additional grey hair as she waited for 5 of her squad of 12 to return from playing school hockey in Carlisle that morning, praying she didn’t have to use rule 6.4.2 and start with 7 players. The opposition grudgingly agreed to a 15 minute delay and then 5 little voices shouted “we are here Debbie” as they ran across the car park. This was the start of the team showing their commitment to Fylde hockey. All players played with skill and determination. Liz Johnson and Natalie Smith were solid defensive midfield intercepting play and expertly play the ball up. Louise Eastham, Jessica Jennings and Melisa Johnson Parker, worked hard to work the ball up the left, not their strongest position, defeating some solid opponents and standing strong in the hustle of adult hockey. Charlotte Lavin, Emily Greenwood and Kelly Wiseman, developed some great passing up the right, repeatedly pushing on the Gastang’s defence to no avail, unable to break through the sea of red in the D.

Abigail Southern, Debbie McClelland and Heather Appleyard held fast when Garstang broke through into Fylde’s 23. But the fast drives of Garstang’s excellent strikers made it into Fylde’s D and Eva Earnshaw’s amazing goalkeeping just couldn’t keep them out of the net.

The tired Fylde team didn’t give up and despite a final score of Fylde 5 Xl 0 - 6 Garstang 3 Xl, it is a fact that Fylde dominated the match, the play was in Fylde’s attacking half for most of the match. The phrase, “The score didn’t reflect the match” is so true today.

Win as a team lose as a team.

Garstang 4 6-0 Fylde 6

North West Women's Division 5 North (Central) On a beautiful sunny afternoon at Garstang, Fylde 6th team confidently stepped out with 10 players to face the 12 of Garstang. Fran Loffler-Thompson in goal, with her new defensive line up of Tiana Moseley, Grace Lord and Lauren Perkin on debut, held out for the first 5mins until Garstang took the lead, followed by three more before half time.

A medical incident reduced Fylde to 9 players for about 10 mins of the half! At the start of the second half, following two further incidents, Garstang were also reduced to 10 players so we had an even game! Despite this, two further goals were conceded!

Dawn Perruzza and Summer Holroyd linked well as screeners whilst Captain for the day Soraya Rigby, Sam Derbyshire & Lola Huyton continued pressing from midfield to create chances for Hollie Twose, the lonely striker!!

The excitement was too much for Bernie the Manager who was caught dozing off at times in the sunshine! Win as a Team, lose as a Team and we all came off exhausted!!

Fylde 1 0-5 Preston 3

North West Men's Division 3 North Fylde 1s took on free scoring Preston 3s in this week’s North West Men's Division 3 North round of games, at Mill Farm. After the disappointment of last week’s performance, alongside captain Gareth Sym’s absence through Covid, coach Kenny Gardiner rung the changes. More energy was required to live with the movement of a well drilled, experienced Preston side. This was given by all players, showing the desired commitment to complete at this level, the deadlock was finally broken after some sound defence, when Danny Taylor, unsighted, couldn’t stop a shot from the top of the D. Head’s didn’t drop, but it was 2 by half time, Preston scoring from a dubiously awarded flick. Throughout the second half, Fylde continued to battle, led by Captain Jay Currey and lots of endeavour from all the midfield, putting in a creditable shift, another Preston goal, this time from a short. Now Fylde got a bit more freedom and the tireless running of the forwards began to get some reward, however, another Preston goal, a couple of deflection in the D saw the home side 0-4. Now Fylde had their best spell, Steve Whitley won a flick with his endless energy in the D, only for the captain to be denied, still they pushed, a couple of shorts, both with no end result. The only other action was a 5th Preston goal before the final whistle, on today's evidence, the teams full on effort, desire and commitment to each other, alongside getting no change from the umpires, Fylde will be fine, but they need to back this up, week in, week out.

Keswick 3 3-2 Fylde 2

North West Men's Division 4 North The Fylde Mens 2nd team made the long trip up to Keswick feeling hopeful because of 2 prior wins and a strong team. This may have been part of their downfall. After some bizarre parking issues, the team entered the extremely poor-quality pitch and proceeded with a lacklustre warm up. The Keswick pressure started early, and a goal conceded early on in the run of play, taken wide and in at the near post. Shortly after, an impressive high ball into side netting made it 2-0 to the home side. Fylde rallied towards the end of the half and when Phil Weir crossed to Bertie Jones, beating 2 Keswick players, dribbled past the keeper and pushed into the back of the net. The second half started with a more focused Fylde side but so was Keswick. After some hard battling, Keswick managed to make it 3-1. With an assist by Bertie Jones, Adam Bates from the top of the D, managed to push it neatly through the keeper's legs to bring it back into contention. However, despite some impressive attempts on the Keswick goal, including an impressive shot by Nigel Sadler which was cleared by the defender on the goal line at height, the match ended in a 3-2 defeat. Man of the Match: Henry Allison


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