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Ladies Match Reports 17 Oct 2020

Fylde Ladies' 1 4-3 Lancaster 1s


Fylde Ladies 1XI arranged to play Lancaster 1XI in a friendly, after both their league games were postponed due to the new Covid-19 Tier 3 rules, with only games between fellow Lancashire clubs being allowed.

The first two quarters started off slow and Fylde were not in the right mindset; due to this Fylde unfortunately conceded two goals, one from a short corner and the second caused by a lucky break from Lancaster. In the second half Fylde were composed and calm on the ball with a determined mindset. The defence worked well together to keep hold of the ball under pressure with great defending from Jayne Wilson, Vicky Rukin, Lucy Woods and Natasha Hartley-Smith, who were quick on the ball and put pressure on Lancaster. With a great turnover and wonderful two touch hockey the ball ended up on Hannah Cook's stick who slipped the ball to the baseline where Dani Merrick flicked it over the goal keeper and with an outstanding touch in by Hattie Madden Fylde had scored their first goal!

Fylde soon after scored their next goal by Dani Merrick to level out the score. However, with a slip up from Fylde defence Lancaster managed to win a short corner and with a strong hit into the bottom corner they had scored a goal. Fylde determined to take the win didn’t lose hope and with some great double transfers from the defence, outlets out wide and driving the baseline Hattie Madden earned a penalty flick. Sister Bo Madden then scored the penalty with a powerful flick into the back of the net.

Fylde managed to stay composed in the last quarter and defended multiple shorts from the opposing team. With a last push from Fylde, Hannah Cook received the ball, ran into space and scored with a excellent hit which meant Fylde took the win 4-3.

Lancaster 2s 1-1 Fylde Ladies' 4

Lancashire Central Women's Hockey League Premier Division

Ladies 4’s travelled to Lancaster to play their 2nd team. A buzz of excitement in the air as the game was able to still go ahead!

After some expert coaching tips from Martin Stringfellow, the team were ready to go, and what a start with Fylde dominating the majority of the first half, with the youngsters flying down the wing. They didn’t just dominate, "they dominated on toast" (Quote from the Coach). However a goal failed to appear, through successful saves from an experienced goalkeeper. Fylde continued to battle but unfortunately a fast break from the opposition resulted in a goal.

Half time talk and a rearrangement of positions had Fylde back on form again, working as a unit, preventing the opposition getting through. A goal was threatening from Fylde, they were getting increasingly closer. Then an amazing strike from Scarlett Turnock put Fylde level.

Final score 1-1. Excellent team work, effort and play from everyone, so much so, no individual could be chosen and motm goes to the whole team.

Thanks to Martin Stringfellow for expert coaching. Thanks to Fran Loffler-Thompson for umpiring. Thanks to all the socially distanced off pitch supporters.

Fylde Ladies' 5 Whites 2-1 Blues

Inter-club friendly

Even before the Tier 3 announcement Southport 2nd's had been struck by numerous self isolation and had been unable to field a team this week. With the prospect of no league match and a pitch slot booked and ready for use, we decided to do what we like to do best on Saturday and organise to play a match within the club.

Mill Farm was certainly a strange scene to find it deserted all but a couple of staff on arrival. But before long the hustle and bustle of pre match chatter filled the air. With most of the 5th team squad present and the wonderful addition of Grace Livesey, Jett Riley Oakes, Anna Wileman and Hollie Whiteside from the 6th team squad, we were still short. Then as promised Georgie Hampson arrived with Rukhsana Mahmood, Becky Evans, Lucy Bridges and Olivia Merrick from the 3rd team with Beth Ridsdale as a second goalie and we were 22 players.

Everyone played with the effort and fight of a league match, the younger players really getting to grips with adult hockey and holding their own in every tackle. Blues took an early lead with some strong passing up front from Charlotte Fuller, Soraya Monton and Katie Thompson. Whites won with 2 great goals seeing a gap in the Blue defence and flying into it.

The smiles on the faces of winners and losers at the end told the tale of everyone enjoying a match. We all stayed safe and played hockey. Anytime there is a pitch free we will be there.

Lytham St Annes Ladies 3s 1-0 Fylde Ladies' 6

Lancashire Central Women's Hockey League Division 2

Fylde Ladies 6th played Lytham St Anne's Ladies 3s at AKS. The team came out ready and raring to go and dominated the pitch holding most of the possession. The squad pulled together well with good distribution of the ball from Poppy Chester and great runs great down the sides from Keira Tomes, Jessie Allen and Sophie Finney. Up front, the attackers worked hard to get into the D and although Carly Wilde, Sofia McGhie and Georgia Nicholls had some great attempts, the Lytham defence held tight.

Following a quick team chat from coaches Phil, Kath, Adele and Georgia (junior support at Fylde is amazing) the team went back out with renewed strength, successfully stopping the advances of Lytham with Grace Tomlinson dancing the ball around them.

When Lytham did succeed in slipping the ball through our defences, Fran Loffler-Thompson deftly stepped in, showing our young team her finely tuned skills on the pitch.

Unfortunately, a lucky break from Lytham found them in our D and despite great keeping from Dani Howarth, a lifted ball found its way to the back of our net with just 10 minutes to go. The young team showed great spirit and fight and did not let it deter them, allowing no opportunities for Lytham and won a short corner as the final whistle blew, unfortunately, the speed of the Lytham defence quickly cleared the ball, final score Lytham St Anne's 1-0 Fylde. MOM Grace Tomlinson.


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